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Why you shouldn’t talk to the police without a lawyer present

If you are not guilty, you should talk to the police, right?  Wrong!  By watching these two videos that I embedded below, I learned how the police can manipulate what you say and find you guilty of something you may have done!  They are long, but very interesting to see the police tactics.  This talk was given at a law school (I think).  This first video is by an attorney:

The second video is a police officer who pretty much tells you how he gets people to admit their guilt:

So what do you think? Will you talk to the police without your lawyer present?

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  1. I'm pretty sure that even if I were not guilty of something I would easily fall for these tactics and admit guilt. I'm just easily turned around like that – I hate that "quality" of myself.

  2. I couldn't take time to listen to the entire vid, but what I did hear really surprised me. Now I know what not to say when I get pulled over for speeding – ha!

    Yikes, but I just don't know if I could be so disrespectful to a police officer when he asks me a question though – we've all been taught to be polite and that they are our friends!

    And he'd be more likely to give me a ticket if I wouldn't talk to him, wouldn't he?

  3. When you get some time, watch the whole thing. It is amazing how innocent little things we can say can really back us into a corner. I really thing this mostly applies if you are arrested. As far as speeding ticket is concerned, I also say I have no idea how fast I was going. LOL

  4. Wow, very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Nope, dont think I'd talk to the police after watching the videos. But it would be hard, esp when you know you're innocent.

  5. Hopefully, I'm never in a situatoin where I have to talk to the police. But if I ever do, I will remain silent until I've talked to my lawyer.

    Great vids that'll open the eyes of the naive.

  6. A police force is like most other organizations out there. It has good apples, and bad apples, hardworking cops and lazy cops. And since the potential downside is so severe (jail time and the like), it's better to play things safe and stay silent, since you may have been pulled over or stopped by a bad apple.

  7. It's actually stunning how many citizens don't know their actual rights when it comes to the law. This is good info and could save some people from coming to see me.

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