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1001 Beer Steins

I have a husband who collects Beer Steins. 1001 Beer Steins is a site that he can drool over while he searches for the beer steins he doesn't have yet. Beer Steins usually have a pewter lid with a thumb-lever so they can be lifted and opened with one hand. The lid started as a sanitary practice and today they are highly prized and no beer collection is really complete with some, or many (at least in our humble opinion!) of these beautiful authentic beer steins.

Not only does 1001 Beer Steins have a great collection of beer steins, they also carry Beer glasses and beer mugs!  They pretty much have something for all of your beer drinking needs!

If you are looking for a present for the guy who has everything or even a beer lover, 1001 Beer Steins is a must stop shop! There is truly something there for everyone (even us women!).

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