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Amazon, You Rock!

Amazon, I'd still totally make out with you.  Seriously.  If you are a regular reader here, you may remember a post I wrote last year about Frustration Free Packaging.  Basically, they got rid of the annoying clamshells and twisty ties, and all you have to do is open a box.  Brilliant, isn't it?  I thought so and wrote a post about it.  That lead to an interview with the New York Times.  That was pretty cool but not as cool as what I woke up to this morning.

Amazon screenshot

That's me!!!!!  So welcome new traffic!!!!  And well, I am super excited.  I think I need to write more posts about making out with my favorite companies (Hello Best Buy!  Hello Toy Companies!  LOL).

In all seriousness, I love Amazon.  I order from them a lot (umm like last week) and I still think this is a genius idea.  I love that they are watching what their customers are saying about them and that they linked to me!  Happy Monday!

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32 thoughts on “Amazon, You Rock!

  1. I ordered a replacement AC adapter for my Sony Vaio laptop yesterday (one or both of my cockapoo puppies chewed the cord 😯 …it must have been when unplugged as they are still with us). Where did I go to find a replacement? Amazon.com of course. Sorry Sony, it was cheaper through My Favorite Site. I latched onto Amazon earlier and even bought shares 11.5 years ago. Yipee!

  2. Wow, Lisa – Loretta just told me about this – HOLY COW!! And I was there earlier and didn't notice, because, I went straight to my assoc. account.

    Way to go, Lisa – you totally rock! And I totally agree with you on the packaging – major!!!

  3. Seriously… I can't thank Amazon enough for eliminating the frustration and needless layers of packaging. It's a huge victory for consumers!

  4. Congratulations Lisa! How totally exciting!! What a Monday you've had. LOVE the frustration-free packaging and LOVE shopping on Amazon.

    Keep smiling and congratulations again! -kristen

  5. Congrats on the rise to fame. You might do well after this as a "packaging Expert consultant" 😉

    Indeed a great way to start a Monday.

  6. CONGRATS for getting front page exposure on Amazon's website. I NEVER would have heard about your blog if it wasn't for them 🙂

  7. Happy Monday indeed!

    I love that so many companies are starting to listen to bloggers and really respect their opinions and ask for feedback. That was one thing that really stood out for me at ad:tech – advertisers and the media are starting to take their 'Hyperlocal' blogger communities very seriously 🙂

    Way to go Amazon!

    Congrats Lisa 🙂

  8. Congrats! I saw and read the post, and followed here. Tagfoot exposure reminded me to visit again and comment. I agree with the love for Frustration Free Packaging – it's one reason I shop Amazon.com.

  9. Well done, I can practically feel you buzing from here. That is terrific news 🙂

    I have to admit that various types of packaging really frustrate me too.

    I love those items packages in plastic where you can either undo a staple, or pop open a couple of sections, and get your purchase out. Should it need to be returned, you can take it back to the store in undamaged packaging.

    More often than not though, you have those heat sealed plastic containers that require a hefty pair of scissors to cut them open, or a sharp craft knife and a lot of care! Once you do manage to pry your purchase out of the container, if it needs to be returned, the packaging is ruined. It seems such a waste.

    If you have every bought a toy for a child, and found the packaging needs to be cut open so they can use it, or the toy is screwed into the box, or just as bad the battery compartment requires a jewellers screwdriver to open it.

    Then we come to another pet peeve of mine, video card packaging. A video card is less than 3 inches by 2 inches, and yet the shelves at the computer stores are lined with these big bright boxes that are just huge! You could fit almost 100 video cards into each box if you wanted. It's just so completely pointless…

  10. Congrats! I totally agree with the packaging being such a pain. Companies don't understand that when a two year old opens his present, he wants his toy "NOW!" They don't want to wait for me to unscrew the wires, get out the scissors, insert batteries, etc. in order to play with the toy. I have learned to do most of the un-packaging and assembling before wrapping the gift.

  11. Cool mention! Being a tool geek I remember having a pair of diagonal wire cutters on hand for Christmas morning. If anyone needs a recommendation for the ideal wire cutter for those ties let me know! We blog and podcast about tools, home improvement and how to.

  12. Terrific! I luv shopping Amazon too! And as we get older, our hands don't work as well when it comes to opening packaging! And I don't need to lose my teeth either!

  13. OMG how cool is that?? I'd make out with anything that came in a decent package. I can't tell you how many hours of struggling I have spent on those stupid welded shut plastic instruments of torture! Grrrr, but bye bye crappy packaging and HELLO frustration free! I guess we owe you for that, cool!

  14. I read your original post and even though i am a packaging supplier i do understand how frustrating it is to open some types of packaging.

    Well done for getting featured Lisa, i will keep my eyes pealed for your next block busting post.

    Best of luck & Happy Christmas.

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