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Bad, Bad, Bad Sunday

I hate when your day starts off so well and then quickly goes downhill from there.  Sunday morning was one of those days.  Sunday started with the kids sleeping in till ten.  Yes, ten.  I was just as surprised.  I also decided that we were going to go to church.  I swear my husband is sometimes worse than the kids because he whined more than they did.  My kids have not gone to church very often which I know is my fault.  However, since Madison might go to Catholic school next year, I felt we should definitely go to mass.  Mass was at 11:30 AM, so we had plenty of time to get ready and go.  We made it to church with plenty of time to spare.  Will made it about three fourths of the way through the mass before I had to take him out.  Madison lasted till about five minutes left.  However, she had to go to the bathroom, so she had a good excuse.  we liked the church.  Madison told us she loved it and wanted to go back.  After that, Madison wanted to go to Denny’s and get alien pancakes.  That is her favorite food.  Since she was good in church, we decided to go there and eat dinner.  lunch took forever but it was good.  After that, we decided to go get Bill, Will, and Madison’s hair cut.  That also went well.  We came home, and Bill noticed that Madison seem to have gone to the bathroom quite a bit while we were out.  After being home for about 30 minutes, Madison was in the bathroom about four times.  I asked her if it hurt, and she told me she had “hot pee”.  as a woman, this definitely sounded like an urinary tract infection.  I personally have had a ton of them.  Now, it is Sunday afternoon, so there was not a whole lot of places we could go.  I first tried CVS minute clinic, but they would not treat her because she was under 12.  I took her to the local urgent care.  We got there one minute before they closed.  However, at CVS, Madison had went to the bathroom.  She did not have to go when we got to urgent care.  She also was refusing to drink any water.  While we were there she went four times, each time she only went about four drops.  the ended up giving us an antibiotic and sent us home.  However, Bill and I had a dinner downtown at Navy Pier for his work.  It started at six.  I got out of the doctor’s office at six.  Downtown is over a half hour for us to get there.  Seriously.  in my area, I went to the only Walgreen that was still open.  I hate that Walgreens, because they have horribly slow service.  They told me two hours, I told him I would be back in a half hour.  I went home and got ready in about 20 minutes.  While we were gone, Bill had packed the kids bags to spend the night at grandmas.  we packed the kids in the car and headed back to our brains.  Of course, her prescription was not built yet.  Also, while we were waiting in the car, Madison had to go to back them.  I then had to take both kids out of the car and go into Walgreens.  In the meantime, Bill had gotten her prescription and could not figure out where we went.  we finally caught up to him, and we were on our way.  Bill and I ended up being around an hour and a half wait for his dinner.  However, they had just sat down to dinner when we got there, so our timing was great.  The party was actually pretty fun.  All in all, I guess it was not that bad of a day — the afternoon just stunk.  Madison is doing well now.   I swear, my kids never get sick during the week — the only get sick after hours or on the weekends.

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