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Basements and Barstools

I know that my husband is just dying to put a bar in our newly remodeled basement.  That was a plan he always had since we moved here.  Premiere Barstools has so many choices for anyone who is looking for counter stools, extra tall stools, or kitchen bar stools. They have an excellent selection for all of those.

Like I said, I personally am looking to surprise my husband with some bar stools for the basement.  Now, I cannot decide if something classic like this:

would work best or if something more pretty would be in store.  I found an excellent deal on something like this:

I guess it will probably come down to what kind of bar he decides to build.  With having little ones, a lot of extra things come into play.  As for the first stool, I would be worried about the stool having no back.  Whereas, on the second stool, I would be worried that Will (my one year old) would use this chair as a climbing challenge (Yes, for some reason he has started the climbing stage after he learned to walk!).  However, the second chair is about $85 which is a great price for barstools.  Plus, whenever we get around to remodeling kitchen, these would look nice there.  I have a huge kitchen (I think it is 15 x 15), so at some point we are going to remodel it.  We may add in an island, and those stools would look awesome there too!  Decision, decisions . . .

Do you have barstools in your house?  What kinds did you go with?  Did where they were going make a difference to which ones you got?  Do you use the barstools as extra seating when company is over?  I know, lots of questions, but I have never bought these before!

2 thoughts on “Basements and Barstools

  1. It also would come down to how either choice will fit into the overall decor of the room/house.

    The first one would prove to be a toy to the kids …. I remember twirling round and round on those stools when I was a little kid at the local soda fountain (I'm probably dating myself here!). I had a blast until the soda jerk yelled at me to quit.

  2. On my first apartment we had a counter on the kitchen that was used as a kitchen table and we had tall wood counter stools (four legs). When we moved we didn't take them with us because now we have a regular table with chairs. I must confess, they were too tall to be used as an extra seat for guests but on an "emergency" they were useful.

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