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Bella Sara

51+yMqjJa2L._SL160_Madison has asked me before what do girls get if boys get baseball cards. I finally have an answer to that question.  I recently learned about Bella Sara and their trading cards for girls.  They are now in their ninth series in this brand, so I'll admit I am a little behind in the times.  However, I can't say how refreshing that there is finally cards for girls to collect (sorry, Madison just isn't into baseball no matter how many baseball games her Dad has made her watch).

In each pack of cards, there is a Bella Sara Ticket Card with one code that can be used online.  When they enter the code online, a whole new world opens up for them and they also get a digital card pack!  (How many baseball cards offer features like this?).  Online, you are able to unlock horses, horseshoes, castle rooms, and prizes.  Eventually, the codes will lead you to the Bella (aff) Sara Adventures.  Currently though, your daughters can be involved in royalty themed activities, jigsaw puzzles, downloadable wallpapers, printable activities, etc.

Bella Sara has sold more than 83 million cards (that's a lot of cards) and has over 4.9 million registered users in the last two years.  Join us in the Bella (aff) Sara world where your daughter can enjoy games, puzzles, coloring pages, storybooks, and so much more!

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