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Best Types of Vinyl Shutters for Your Home

Vinyl shutters are far superior to other kinds of shutters available on the market. Not only do they last for years, they also save on energy and electricity bills. When you choose vinyl shutters, you know that you’re investing in a quality product that will stand the test of time—this is the easy part of the process. Once you have understood the benefits of these types of shutters, it is time to make the best selection based on location. Before purchasing shutters, it is important to understand the needs of each window you aim to dress on the outside of the home.

Family Rooms

Shutters are used on the outside of family rooms to help control light. This is especially important if you read, watch television or entertain in this area. Out of all areas of the home, you have the most leeway in terms of choosing panels in the family room. This is due to the fact that shutters act primarily as an aesthetic design on the outside of the home, since you likely use curtains and drapes on the inside. Keep in mind that this also depends on the sizes of windows that you have in the family room.
Generally, you can use almost any vinyl shutter designs, including:

  • Cottage
  • Board
  • Louvered
  • Panel

Before making a selection, determine which design you would like to have shown from the outside of your home. Panel and louvered shutters may be simpler, but they come in a range of colors to match the paint on the outside of the home. To add more character, you may consider board or cottage designs, which have accents strewn throughout.


Kitchen window shutters can turn any old window space into a work of art. Many homeowners choose board or battern vinyl shutters because of their non-traditional designs. If you prefer continuous light flow into the kitchen, you should consider battern shutters because they have holes in them that still shed light when they are closed over the windows.


Bathrooms usually require some of the smallest shutters available. While many homeowners install these shutters to control light flow, one of the main functions of exterior bathroom shutters is to provide privacy. Cottage and panel shutters tend to work best for these types of windows.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so it is important to choose the right shutters that will complement your lifestyle. If you are an early riser and like lots of light in your room, then you may appreciate board or battern shutters. However, if you want more privacy and light control, then you should consider louvered or panel shutters. The choice is ultimately yours, as any type of shutters can be installed on the outside of bedroom windows.

Exterior vinyl shutters all provide privacy, light control and protection. At the same time, you will even safe money on electricity by installing these items in your home. Visit www.vinylshutters.com to see all the options you have for every room in the house.

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