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Boston Whale Watch Adventures

We watch a lot of Discovery Channel here at my house, so we have a greater appreciation for nature.  We love watching the shows about animals that we don't get to see here in Chicago.  One day we hopefully will be able to go Boston whale watching.

Capt. Bill & Sons Whale Watch is located in gloucester Massachesetts.  They are in their 50th season of Cape Ann boating excursions, so they have a ton of experiences.  You can sail their popular three to four hour tour to view the world’s largest mammals surfacing, feeding, and breaching in the important feeding areas of Stellwagen Bank and Jeffreys Ledge. In season, these waters, a National Marine Sanctuary, provide some of the best whale watching opportunities in the world. Seriously, how cool does that sound?  I know this is something I will be adding to my bucket list, and I know my kids would absolutely love doing.  They actually have naturalists on board from The Whale Center of New England.  They give you instructions in the “spotting techniques” for particular species. You will also learn about whale behavior, biology, and social structure.

Reservations are recommended and group rates are available for this once in a lifetime adventure!

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