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Can I Have Some Galena With My Wine? Part 1

For those who don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook (and if you don't, why not?), I was invited by the CVB to go check out Galena.  Galena, where?  Galena, IL.  I actually drove through here once a long, long, long time ago to go to a wedding.  We didn't stop.  And now I am seriously kicking myself in the butt that we didn't.

Going into this trip, I really had no idea what to expect.  I went with 8 other bloggers — some I kinda knew, some I met for the first time.  I didn't even really know the people I carpooled with.  However, after a 3 (aff) hour drive, it was like we were long lost friends.  To be honest, the whole weekend felt that way.  It was like we all had known each other for years.  We met at the Convention and Visitors Bureau and that was the start of our great adventure!
The first place we walked (and we walked and walked and walked some more for the majority of the things we did. One of the girls went on google and mapped out our course. It was like 3 (aff) miles of walking. All up hill. 🙂 Ok, it just felt like the majority of it was uphill.) was Grant's Home. It's a historical site. Back in the day, they (the Grants) were given this home (aff) after the civil war. I think they stayed in it about 18 months. It was very cool to see how people lived back in the day.

From there we checked out The Old Blacksmith Shop. This actually wasn't on our stop list. However, a couple of the girls were looking through the windows, and we were invited in!  We got a quick history about what they did there.  The cool thing is that this Blacksmith Shop is still open!  They do work for local residents besides showing us tourists what they do!

From here we went to get our super yummy lunch from Cannova's.  Delicious doesn't describe how good this food really was!  Here's a little sneak preview of what we ate there:

That's the end of part one. I'll be adding on what else we did in Galena. I'll also be reviewing each place in more detail over at Lisa's Travels.  Happy Reading!

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