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Why Can’t I Find Angry Bird Birthday Supplies?

I just got Will to finally decide on his birthday cake.  He picked Angry Birds, and I was like cool.  This should be easy to decorate.  As I have just learned, not so much.

We are having Will's birthday party early since we are going to New York.  It's this Saturday.  Right now, it is Wednesday night.  I made the assumption that I could walk into Party City and get some favor bags (That's all I'm looking for!  A few decorations would be nice but I really wanted some fun favor bags).  I never dreamt that it would be easier to find a Scion FRS and Scion news than it is to find Angry Birds stuff in a store!!  Seriously!  The kids and I ran to Party City, Target, and Kmart and found absolutely nothing I can use.  Needless to say, I am a tad dejected right now.  I found a couple online stores BUT I need this stuff here on Friday, so I can put them together.  I don't want to pay more in shipping than the products are worth either.  Which is why I am stuck now.   I haven't found anything online I can get here quick enough.  I guess at this point, his angry birds cake will have to do.

If anybody knows where I can get some Angry Birds stuff locally, let me know!!

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