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Dave Ramsey’s Children’s Books

Nationally-syndicated talk radio show host and personal financial expert Dave Ramsey has a line of children’s books that teach children how to handle money through saving, giving and spending.  In the books, the main character, Junior, takes children on some wonderful adventures and teaches them life lessons in the process.  Madison and I have read the entire box set.  I love how the books teach important lessons about  money but aren't preachy in the process.  The illustrations will grab your child's attention and keep it too.  The story is truly told with the pictures.  Kids will get the lessons out of each book and be able to actually apply them to their lives. 

These books are appropriate for children ages 3 (aff) and up.  The boxed set retails for $39.99, however individual books can be purchased for just $9.99

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2 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey’s Children’s Books

  1. Thanks for the tips on these books. We are going through this battle right now with our 8 and 6 year olds. These kids seem to think that money grows on trees and we are really trying to teach them financial responsibility i think i might go check out these books. thanks!

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