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Dieting On Vacation – #NSNation Update – Week 19

If you can believe it, it is time for our vacation.  We will be leaving this week for New York.  That means no access to microwaves and eating out.  How will I stick to my Nutrisystem meal plan?

I've actually been working on that for a bit.  The beauty of Nutrisystem is that not everything has to be refrigerated.  For breakfast and lunch, I have already packed my granola bars, chocolate muffins, and lunch bars.  These are pretty easy to eat on the go (and in the car!).  I have also packed dinners and my dessert.  However, I am not sure how much access I'll have to a microwave to make my dinner that way.  Plus, we may be out and about too.  I am not panicking.  (Well, not too much).

First, like I said, I have packed enough food to eat just Nutrisystem while we are there.  Second, I know how to eat out.  It is about making smart decisions.  I am also reviewing some national franchise chains nutritional guides, so when we do go out to eat, I know what I can order.  I also know that when we go to little small joints that they aren't going to have a nutritional guide.  Then its up to me to figure out what I can eat.  I also am not going to beat myself up and get completely worked up about what I can and can't eat.  I'm on vacation!  I'm also not going to be able to work out either, so my exercise will consist of what we do while we are there.

I've already decided that I am not going to get upset if I end up not losing anything while we are gone.  I'll try my best, and that's all anybody can ask for. (I always tell my kids that and now I am going to take my own advice.)  How do you watch what you eat when you are in vacation?

I also don't want to forget — this week's stats:


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9 thoughts on “Dieting On Vacation – #NSNation Update – Week 19

  1. You're doing so great!!!!! Truly inspiring! And don't beat yourself up about not absolutely sticking to your plan, especially while you're on holiday. One or two minor indulgences are not going to undo all of your hard work.

    I absolutely can't wait until next week! I get to meet you!!!!!!

  2. I am usually not very good at eating healthy while on vacation. I have to be very mindful about it to be successful. I think you are doing a great job by getting prepared beforehand because that helps so much.

  3. i would think New York would be an ok place to help you stay on your diet: plenty of people means plenty of different food choices, right? PS i was in NY that same week!

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