Exercise Ideas While You’re Stuck at Home
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Exercise Ideas While You’re Stuck at Home

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With the gyms being closed down due to the pandemic, there are more and more people out there
looking for ways to stay active at home (aff). There are so many ways you can enjoy exercise while you’re
stuck at home (aff). Today I want to share some exercise ideas that you can do while you’re stuck at home.
It’s important to remain mobile, agile, and fit while you’re unable to go to the gym or take that daily
walk you were used to taking before the virus hit. Below you’ll find my best exercise ideas that will help
you remain physically fit or work off that winter weight while you’re stuck at home.

Exercise Ideas While You’re Stuck at Home

Get Some Supplies

Try to get an exercise mat, which is much like a yoga mat for your daily exercises. This will ensure that
you have a comfortable spot to complete some of the exercise ideas I’m sharing today. You’ll find that
ProSourceFit has a fabulous selection of pilates and yoga mats, resistance bands and rollers, as well as
some other exercise supplies that you can buy to use at home.

Set an Alarm for Reps

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to set an alarm to do reps such as some sit-ups, pushups, or
resistant band training every hour or three hours while you’re stuck at home. This alarm will encourage
you to get off the couch and start being active so that you get your blood flowing, muscle burning, and
calories burned throughout the day.

Think Crunches

Some of the easiest exercises to do while you’re stuck at home include crunches and yoga. If you do a
quick search, you’ll find that some yoga apps are free right now as a promo during the pandemic
shutdown. Take advantage of apps and online exercise programs that will encourage you to do simple
crunches and yoga exercises every day.

Squats and Dancing

Zumba is an excellent way to get some squats and dancing combined for your exercise sessions at home.
Consider investing in a Zumba program so that you can enjoy this dance-based exercise program. This
will help you shed some weight and get in a good cardio workout while you’re stuck at home. If you
can’t invest in Zumba, then just make a dance party playlist and dance your heart out to your favorite
songs for some physical activity.

Whether you opt to go with some simple exercises like squats and crunches or want to expand your
exercise routine with yoga mats and Zumba, I’m confident you’ll start to feel better each day you force
yourself into this new exercise routine while you’re stuck at home.

19 thoughts on “Exercise Ideas While You’re Stuck at Home

  1. Thanks for the ideas. I love to walk since the weather here in Florida is perfect right now. I do like to switch it up a bit and do stuff at home.

  2. I’ve been walking on the treadmill each morning when I wake up. Now I want to slowly start reincorporating some strength exercises after a long time of not doing so.

  3. I’m a fan of yoga as it helps calms my nerves while giving me a great overall stretch and reset. I love to free dance just to get movement through the body. Your suggestions are spot on.

  4. You’re right! Just because the gyms aren’t open doesn’t mean we should sit idle. I’ve been using a bench on our back deck to do step-ups. I feel so much stronger than when I’d work out at the gym. Thanks for the push!

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