Keeping Kids Occupied While Stuck at Home
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Keeping Kids Occupied While Stuck at Home

girl with flasks for chemistryWith widespread panic and at home isolation on the rise right now, having your kids at home can be a difficult mess to deal with. Most people may think you can just sit them in front of electronics to keep them occupied while at home, but of course, not everyone likes that idea and that doesn’t always work for children either. Today, I’m giving you some tips and ideas to keep your kids occupied while you’re all at home.

Make Helping Fun

You can actually get your kids to help around the house if you can make it seem more fun. This can mean making an interactive chore board, turning cleaning up into a game, rewarding them for a job well done, or anything else you can think of.

Try Some Experiments

There are so many cheap and easy science experiments you can put together at home that work for various ages of kids. Some even let your child work on it without supervision, so you can set them up and let them go to town with educational fun.

Have a Family Party

If you get some free time, you can spend some quality fun time with your children by having a little party together. You could have a movie party, dance party, or anything else they may think up. The time at home can be great for bonding time.

Arts and Crafts

If you don’t mind having a bit of a mess to clean up, you can do arts and crafts with your kids or let them do so on their own. A lot of crafts use things you have at home already, and there are easy art activities for all ages of kids.

Making Forts

You don’t have to be an expert to throw together something that your kids can make the most of. A fort could even just be some pillows and blankets in a corner or a quickly nailed up blanket to section off part of the room.

Kitchen Time

When you have some time to spend with your kids, or when you’re making meals, you can include them in the kitchen activities. It can be as simple as creating baked goods together or letting them help dry or put away washed dishes.

The list of ways to keep your children occupied apart from electronic use with or without your interaction can go on forever. These are some great starter ideas that you can expand on or individualize depending on your kids’ ages or interests, so even these can create a lot of fun interaction for your children. Hopefully, this helps to take away a bit of the stress of having to keep your kiddos busy while you’re all at home.

8 thoughts on “Keeping Kids Occupied While Stuck at Home

  1. Trying to find ideas to keep occupied kids during these vacation is a priority these days! Thanks for these ideas!

  2. I love these ideas. We haven’t done much this week. My son did watch some science videos on YouTube.

    Science experiments are a great idea.

    Don’t forget that kids can enjoy educational apps, reading books, playing board games, or working puzzles too.

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