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Dinosaur Train Pteranodon Family World Tour Adventure

Will is a huge Dinosaur Train fan. We don't go a day without him singing:   “dinosaur train, dinosaur train, gonna riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddddddeeeeeeee that dinosaur train”.  Now that I've got that stuck in your head, I have to tell you about the new DVD we got to recently check out.  Dinosaur Train Pteranodon Family World Tour Adventure according to my three year old is “awesome”.  He has literally watched this hundreds of times and still begs to watch it.

In the World Tour Adventure, the Pterandon family meets Gilbert (the conductor's nephew) and Martin (a spine spangled quadruped).  They visit Confuciusornis Gardens.  They also meet Iggy Iguandon and see some white cliffs.  They also travel to Africa to meet Kenny Kentrosaurus.  The World Tour definitely brings them all over the world in an entertaining fashion.

I love that this video keeps my kids attention (both my 3 (aff) year old and my 7 year old).  It's entertaining and my kids are learning — what a combination!  I recommend getting the Dinosaur Train Pteranodon Family World Tour Adventure.

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