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Disney Movie Rewards — Everybody Wins!

I love Disney (as you can see from the many reviews I've done on here about their movies). However, Disney has a program that I have not fully taken advantage of. It is their Disney Movie Rewards program! Why should you join Disney Movie Rewards? Well, membership is free. Plus, it is fun and easy to participate. You earn points when you buy Disney Blu-rays and DVDs plus select CDs and when you see Disney movies at the theaters! You can redeem those points for rewards including Blu-rays, DVDs, Disney experiences, toys, etc. You can also get savings coupons for Disney Blu-rays and DVDs, and enter sweepstakes for great prizes! What are you waiting for? Go sign up!

Since I have such loyal readers, I have a special deal for you guys. Sign up at DisneyMovieRewards.com then input this code in the “Enter Magic Code” box. They’ll be eligible to receive the Mickey Mouse Pin as our special gift. The code is: MANCMOM Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Disney Movie Rewards — Everybody Wins!

  1. Hi Lisa! I am from the Philippines and because english is not my native language, I thought that Disney is a film company. When I discovered that It is really a real person who lives in the 50's I feel like I am in the twilight zone. I love Disney too, specially Mickey Duck. . . . oooopsss.

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