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Not Without My Dog

Bad things never happen to good people. Well, we all like to think that, but stuff happens sometimes.  That is where this book comes from.  The Not Without My Dog Resource & Record Book came about after Hurricane Katrina.  The author, Jenny Pavlovic, has learned from mistakes made during Katrina and came up with this guide and pre-disaster preparation manual.  She realized that most of us keep our records unorganized and not easy to find.

Not Without My Dog has everything you need at your fingertips.  There is a records section, a resources station, tips, information on understanding your dog better, and ways to keep your dog safe.  When I was filling out my book, I almost felt as if I was filling out one of my kids baby books.  Everything about your dog is truly entered in this book.  You add in their vet information, their weight, what shots they got, etc.  As a person with a brand new puppy, it got me started on the right course right away!  It also includes disaster preparation information from Noah’s Wish, a group that rescues animals in disaster situations,  and a template for making a disaster plan for your family and pets. Special features include a durable hard cover, concealed wire-o binding that lays flat for writing, archive-quality photo pages for inserting photos of your dog and you, a sealed pocket for important records, tabbed pages for quick access, checklists, and more.  Best of all, it is made in the United States.

If you have dogs, this is a must have book for you.  You can easily take it with you in an emergency or even use it when you have to kennel your dog somewhere.  It is easy to read, and even easier to find the information you need quickly.  I can only highly recommend this book!

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