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Early Intervention

I question I seem to be getting a lot lately is how Early Intervention has been working for Will.  All I can say is that it is amazing.  I am so glad I pushed to get him into this program, because everyone has noticed a change with him.  Before, Will wasn't even trying to talk.  Instead, he'd point and grunt, and if you couldn't figure out what he wanted, he turned into a pile of screaming 2 (aff) year old.  It was frustrating for everyone involved.

Now, he talks.  Granted, we may not understand all of it.  However, we can make out a lot of it.  He is using phrases.  He is able to communicate.  Bill's brother (who is I think 22 or 23) even noticed a change in Will.  That's what is so wonderful about nipping this speech problem right away instead of waiting.  I had a lot of people tell me that he wasn't behind, and he'd talk when he wanted too.  Well, he did talk when he wanted — he just had a little help.

Now, we still are no where near where he needs to be, but by adding just a few more words and getting him wanting to communicate has made a huge difference here.

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