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Febreze SPORT collection

I live with a man who sweats constantly. He doesn't sweat a little either — he sweats a lot. Which means – well — things can get a little stinky. Now, I am able to wash his clothes but what about everything else?

That's where Febreze Sport comes in. They have specifically formulated Febreze Sport to find and eliminate sweat odors on shoes, apparel and gear. They also recently teaming up with TV personality and Cincinnati Bengals linebacker, Dhani Jones, Febreze® SPORT has released some humorous video footage featuring Dhani Jones targeting those who could truly benefit from the product assortment. Here's one of those videos:

We've personally tried out the product, and it really gets out the stink! It worked on old pillows, stinky shoes, workout equipment, and even stuff that smelled a tad musty from being downstairs. This is a product we'll be using in our home (aff) for a while. If you'd like more information, please follow Febreze Sport on Twitter and Febreze Sport on Facebook.

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