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HAAN Power & Finesse Steam Mop

As many of you may know, I good chunk of my house is hardwood floors. I am always on the lookout to keep them clean. I also am always wanting something that isn't harsh chemicals. With kids and a dog, chemicals in my home are not a good thing!

However, I have many needs and the new HAAN Power & Finesse fits the bill. It is both a powerful handheld steamer and a steam mop! This is exactly what I need in my house! The HAAN Multi kills 99.9% of household germs, bacteria and dust mites. It has increased steam emission from the handheld that allows you to clean all of those hard to clean places. It has a calibrated mop that leaves floors practically dry. This is important to me, because the kids are normally running across the floor as soon as I finish. Plus, its hard to keep the dog off a wet area (and her hair seems to gravitate towards those areas!! The removable water tank allows you to use the HAAN Steam Mop in all the hard to reach places (like the toilet bowl seal, the shower, etc). This steam mop can also be used on carpet. Seriously, it has a use in every room in your house!!!!

I love, love, love, love my HAAN Power & Finesse Steam Mop. I have used it on all my hardwood floors! No streaks, no chemicals, quick drying — seriously, what more can you ask for? I even used the handheld on my walls. Seriously! My hallway had two lines of dirt going down it (one was the dogs height and the other was the kids.) I figured that would be the ultimate test, and it passed successfully! My hallway walls looked like they were freshly painted! I also used it in my bathroom, and it did wonders in there too!

HAAN Power & Finesse Steam Mop is my first steamer and now I am wondering how I lived without it! This is a must get for all homes!!!!!  I'm off to go clean some more . . . .

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