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Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Let's see. My morning started with Madison jumping on me tellling me to get up. Her daddy was making his Sunday morning special (french toast). It actually didn't rain today, so he finally made it outside and mowed the lawn. Then we went to Grandma's and spent the day over there. Bill got me a card from Madison. That's it. And for Bill, that's good. I usually don't even get a card. When he does good, it usually does good. When he does bad, I don't get anything at all, so I can't be too picky. As I am typing this though, my wrist is breaking out in hives. Not good. Now I have to figure out what I touched to cause it.

I finally finished Madison's new bedroom. Hopefully, I can get some new pictures on here with out, so you all can see my hard work. It's purple. I did a stencil border in the middle of the room and up toward the ceiling also. On the bottom portion of the room, I did paint stamps that were in the shapes of flowers and butterflies. On the top portion, I put up Tinkerbell stickers. It looks great. We moved Madison in there on Friday night, and its been interesting ever since. She's not liking being in the room alone.

Ok, I've gotta go find some Sudafed before I go crazy itching. See ya later.

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