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Home » I Lost a Kindergardener – #NSNation Update – Week 22

I Lost a Kindergardener – #NSNation Update – Week 22

I know I probably have you all confused right now. What does the picture of Will and a losing a kindergardener have in common? And what does that have to do with weight loss?

Well, I was talking with a friend and fellow blogger last week who felt like a failure because even though she had lost 150 lb., she still had so much more to go. For me, 150 pounds is like losing a person and that is a huge accomplishment (and not a failure by any means!). However, this conversation made me look at myself. Most of the time, I don’t feel as if I accomplished much with my weight loss.

Especially this last week. For those who have followed me, you will know I have an issue with an unstable uterine lining. (Okay, I may talk about some women’s issues now so you may want to skip this part). What that means is I have breakthrough bleeding. What that can also mean is multiple periods in a month. It’s something that started after giving birth to Madison and then after several years of birth control seemed to have fixed itself. After Will, I wasn’t as lucky. I went through 10 birth controls before we found one that controlled this  (and I basically had a 9 month period). However, with losing weight, that birth control quit working (more breakthrough bleeding) and was make me nauseous. Now, I am in the same boat I was before except it is actually worse. 3 weeks ago we started a brand new birth control that shouldn’t make me gain weight (because that is a side effect of birth control). However, on Tuesday, I got my monthly friend for a second time this month with crazy cramps and hormone swings. I also noticed that I put on 3 lbs in just as many days. Needless to say, I freaked out a bit. I have quit taking it and managed to lose those 3 lbs of water weight I added and lose an additional .6! Granted, it isn’t my usual 1 – 2 lb weight loss, but medication will do that for you! (As for my next step with my issue, I am waiting for my doctors office to call me back. I think our next step is an ablation for those of you who want to google that).  It obviously took 3 weeks for that pill effects to go into full swing and well, it sucked.

Now, how does this all tie into Will and kindergardeners? Well, I had Will (who will be in Kindergarden in August) get on the scale last week. He weighs 44 lbs. Even with my crappy weight loss this week, I have lost more than that! When I need a good visual of what I have lost, I can look at my son. I have literally lost one of him! I am going to take pride in that!


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15 thoughts on “I Lost a Kindergardener – #NSNation Update – Week 22”

  1. That's awesome! I love that perspective, although I'm more gaining a kindergartner right now than losing one. It is SO about perspective, and go YOU. As for the breakthrough stuff… that all isn't normal?

    1. It is but not. The problem is that I won't ever stop with the breakthrough bleeding. My last venture into this was a 9 month never stop bleeding period. I'm heading back into that now. I've been dealing with this since January, and I'm just about done now! I've actually got an OBGYN appt this afternoon, and I'm pretty sure we are scheduling an ablation.

  2. Wow! That really does put it into perspective, doesn't it? I am glad you have found a way/a person to remind you of how far you've come. Congratulations on the continued weight loss. I hate to hear about the bleeding issues and I hope you find a good solution for you.

  3. A gal's reaction to bc pills can change over time, but I hear you. I'd be ready for a more serious intervention at this point, too. Your weight loss is fantastic! Slow and steady wins the race.

    1. Nope. That's added hormones and yes, you can still get a period. If you get the IUD without hormones, that doesn't help my breakthrough bleeding problem. Plus, if it doesn't work I have to pay to get hte damn thing removed too. LOL

  4. LOL! That was a cute story 🙂 Putting it into such terms, I guess I lost an 8-year-old (60 lbs). Keep up the good work, and don't let your friend bash herself like that. 150 lbs is a HUGE accomplishment!

  5. I am glad you have found a way/a person to remind you of how far you’ve come. Congratulations on the continued weight loss. I hate to hear about the bleeding issues and I hope you find a good solution for you.

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