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I’m too old

Yes, I am admitting it.  We went to a work dinner for Bill's work on Saturday night.  It was about an hour away, so we had already decided to get a hotel room.  It was really fun — there is no need to be sending out Chicago resumes or resumes anywhere else either.  We had Filet Mignon for dinner (yummy) and free drinks all night.  They even opened a tab up at the bar upstairs after the party was over!  We ended up staying up till like 2 am.  That isn't all that late, I know, but man, I am still dragging butt.  Seriously.  I didn't even have a buzz when I went to bed, so this isn't even hangover related.  The only other thing I can figure that is making me so tired is that I am getting sick.

How old were you when you figured out you were old?  LOL

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