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I’ve got a secret

I have been wanting to post this since Monday.  No worries — I am not pregnant and nobody here needs a medical bracelet or anything like that.  Since my husband has had to work late the last two night, we haven't had a chance to go do this yet.  Figured it out yet?  Well, I've blogged about it and asked everyone to tell my husband why we should get one of these.  No idea, yet?  Well, Bill decided (unless he changes his mind again which then I will have to kill him) that we are going to go put a deposit down on a Prius!  We test drove my sister's car.  My only complaints have to do with things that I will just have to get use to.  As soon as we put our deposit down, then we go on a 4-6 month waiting list.  Unfortunately, we don't get it right away, but it'll allow us some time to save.  I really didn't want two car payments at the same time, but what are you going to do?  The Jeep's 20 miles per gallon is killing us when gas is so darn expensive.

5 thoughts on “I’ve got a secret

  1. How cool! New cars are always SO much fun. We just got one in April. 🙂 You're right about gas — it's a real killer. I just saw a picture yesterday of a new car which is completely electric called the Tesla Roadster. It is gorgeous! The price tag is gorgeous, too — $100,000.00! I think it's made in Europe or Canada, I can't remember which. LOL

    Anyway, congrats on your Prius!

  2. I was totally prepared for a pregnancy announcement, but a new Prius is so much better. 😆

    Mike and I can race you and Bill when ours comes in.

  3. Yeah, Andy talks about the Tesla a lot too. When we win the lottery! Oh, Andy was amused when I told him how you thought the car snubbed and turned off.

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