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Izeafest: Night 3 – IzeaHunt

I would like to say that I was sober for the entire time I was at Izeafest.  I ended up as the driver 2 out of the 3 nights, and I really don't believe in drunk driving.  That being said I did do the IzeaHunt without anything alcohol in me.  We had to do a ton of wild and crazy things.  What was at stake?  A $100 gift card for Home Depot for all of us.  When money is on the line, well, you do crazy things.  Honestly I wish I would have brought some other outdoor clothing with.  My clothes were almost destroyed from this scavenger hunt.  It took several washings once I got home to get the shaving cream and chocolate sauce out!

For some reason, I cannot find my team photos on Flickr at all.  What I will do is show you some of the other teams instead.  You will see how crazy this really did get:

Ohh I take that back, I did find one and you can't see me (yeah! — I'm in the blue shirt):

Ok, we had to do crazy things like take a picture with a 6'5″ person, make a human sundae, get pineapple and a potato, walk somebody else's dog, etc.  There was 4 pages of things, and we only had about an hour to try and do as much as we could.  One of the more crazy things we had to do was find a toilet seat and bring it back.  I think Ted was the only one who was able to do that!  Unfortunately, my team did not win.  However, it was still a ton of fun!

After the hunt was over, we all took a break, sat down, talked, and ate some great food.  I was able to sit down and talk to Cass and Sean Jackson.  It was hard to believe that I was going to be hopping on a plane the next morning and heading back home (what I didn't know at this time was that Chicago had gotten record levels of rain and my yard was literally a swimming pool.  The water in my yard was up to my knees!).  We were able to compare notes and just enjoy ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Izeafest: Night 3 – IzeaHunt

  1. Awwww… it's lousy returning home to rain and flooding…

    IZEAFest was an absolute blast and I had tons of fun with you, and certainly appreciate you driving my drunk ass home!!! Next year I think we need to rent a GPS 🙂

  2. :mrgreen: OH MY WORD!!! I would love to have been there! The pics look TASTY to say the least!

    I have had my fair share of this kind of event! I find that you tend to leave the designer fashion at home and go for camping gear a bit more! I think the ONLY challenge for me (judged by the pictures) would be to get me off the peson with the chocolate!!!

    It is a pity though that after so much fun, one has to return the the real world. I usually find that I need a break from the break, and that calls for the perfect outdoors fashion – you know… bikini and sleeping mask and a lovely pool boy to fan you as you lie down next to a pool in some exotic country!

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