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Jeopardy Wii Game

I've been playing Jeopardy for years with my family.  We normally play along with the TV and sometimes keep score.  It's great fun.  I even own the board game (yes, it is very old.  I'm not sure if they even sell it anymore).  That's why I had to try out Jeopardy for the Wii.

If you've ever watched Jeopardy on TV, this game plays the same way.  You have 3 (aff) players and Alex Trebek is asking all the hard questions.  With over 2 (aff),400 questions, I'd be very surprised if you aren't stumped on a few of them.  I love that the game even has a “live” studio audience (just like the real thing!).  You play Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy rounds.  Like Wheel Of Fortune, this game also employs the Wii Speak technology.  It also has the commercial break mini-games (which are super fun!).

If you are a fan of Jeopardy, this is a must get game.  I know I can't wait for my family to come and visit so I can whip their butts.  🙂

8 thoughts on “Jeopardy Wii Game

  1. I challenge you to a game! lol Nobody in my family will play anymore because I beat them every time on the Playstation 2 version 🙂

  2. This is awesome! I'm so sure that this is fun to play with. My brothers and boyfriend will love this for sure (as they are game addicts). Anyway, thanks for sharing this great blog. Keep posting!!!

  3. Never tried this one yet, but all reviews in related to this games is really that positive. Though, just got the free version of this, but there is a installation error on my wii. I will just wait to have this one on our local arcade store to have my own copy.

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