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lia sophia – games

Here's one of the games I play at every one of my lia sophia shows. This will work with other home (aff) show presentations too. I call it 20 questions or I have seen it called Ask me about my job.

I have a roll of tickets that I bought at Office Depot. At the beginning of my presentation, I tell everyone that everytime they ask me a question about my jewelry, they get one ticket. If they ask me a question about my lia sophia job, they get two tickets. I tell them to interupt my presentation if they have any questions. I give away a gift for whoever has the most tickets. I then have everyone else write their name on the back of their tickets and put their names in for a raffle and give out 2 (aff) more gifts. Usually, you will get a couple of people who get into contest with one another. It also makes your presentation a lot more fun and you'll find the questions cover most of your presentation anyway!

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