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Mark Cuban: More Than Meets The Eye

Honestly, I did not know what to expect when I went to see Mark Cuban as the closing speaker at BlogWorld. Before this, I did not know too much about the man. I remember him on a reality show several years ago, and I wasn't impressed. I did know that he owned the Mavericks and that he was on Dancing With The Stars. I also did know that I wouldn't mind having access to the man's checking account.  He has a bid in buy the Chicago Cubs too (and of all the choices, I think he would be the best).

What did I learn?  Mark Cuban owns a entertainment company, and he is also a blogger.  He also is a very smart man with some very strong opinions.  His opinion is that one should not monetize their blog.  However, he didn't act all high and mighty about it.  He honestly answered everyone's questions.  As you can tell,

quite a few people were there to listen to him.  These pictures don't show all the people who were standing at the wall with me.  He had some great insights and seemed really down to earth.  He talked about some of the people he doesn't care for, the mistakes he has made, etc.

After his talk was over, I actually got to shake his hand.  It was pretty cool!

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