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Meeow and the pots and pans

Cooking and pets — how can you go wrong with that combination?  Meeow and the pots and pans is a book about a cat in the kitchen who likes to make things.  Are we making dinner?  Or are we making a band?  That's what this book is about!

Why do I love this book?  It's great for both my kids.  Madison, my 6 yr old, is learning to read.  This book is simple enough that she can read most of it.  My 2 yr old, Will, is speech delayed.  The illustrations in this book are excellent, so we can use this book to help his speech.  He is able to look at the picture and tell me what everything is.  We then are able to talk about what Meeow is going to do next or what his friends are bringing to the party.

Meeow and the pots and pans is just a really cute book for any little kids you know.  As a mom, I liked it.  (Plus, the front cover has a velvet cat on it which my kids love to pet!).

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