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Melissa and Doug Play Kitchen

I have always been a fan of Melissa and Doug products. They are well made and you don't ever have to worry about them breaking after your kids play with them a few times.

The Melissa and Doug Play Kitchen will not disappoint.  I will warn you — it took my husband 5 hours to put this together (he was watching the Chicago Bears play at the same time too).  However, a tornado could hit my house, and this kitchen set will still be standing.  The set itself is quite simple which I think it great.  It requires my kids to use their imaginations (and too many toys nowadays don't require that anymore).  There is room to prepare, cook, and clean your pretend food.  (By the way, I just noticed that yellow bowl.  That doesn't come with it — I just forgot to remove it when I took the picture.  The kids couldn't wait to play with this, so they played before I was able to take a picture).  You will find a stove, refrigerator/freezer, oven, microwave (aff) with turntable (and it actually does turn too!), and sink.  The oven even has working knobs!  Both my kids can play with this together since it is so spacious. I love the details like the artwork on the fridge.  You can't even see my real fridge at home (aff) due to having the very stuff on it that their play fridge does!  I love toys imitating real life!

The Melissa and Doug Play Kitchen is a must have this Christmas season!  My kids absolutely love this and so do I.  You can even look at picking up some Melissa and Doug pots and pans and food to go along with this.  It is worth every cent (you can get the Melissa and Doug Play Kitchen here for $199 with free shipping).

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