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A Mile In His Shoes

I always like uplifting movies we can all learn from. A Mile In His Shoes fits that bill. It is a movie about how a young man goes from a place of misunderstanding to acceptance.

Years ago, people didn't know what autism was. It wasn't something people knew or even understood, and this is movie is about a young man named Mickey who has it. He wasn't able to “connect” with those around him, so people didn't know how special he really was. By chance, a baseball manager happens to see him throwing around an apple to his pig and realizes the ability Mickey has. With much convincing, he talks Mickey's parents to allow him to join the minor leagues. It isn't a cakewalk though — because he does have Asperger's he has issues with his teammates. However, the manager does make a connection with him.

A Mile In His Shoes is based on a true story which, for me, makes the movie even more enjoyable. This is story of hope and strength. As a mom, I found myself rooting for Mickey, because I could only imagine if that was my child. I love that Mickey was truly an inspiration for everyone in this movie.

If you want to watch a great movie about faith, determination, and the power of friendship, then watch A Mile In His Shoes.

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