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Mismatched outfits . . .Oh my!

Between my husband and my kids, I am amazed that I even go out in public with them.  🙂  My husband has no idea what matches.  Some days he comes home (aff) from work, and I cringe when I see what he was wearing.  Unfortunately, Madison (my 4 year old) takes after him.  If you don't believe me, look at the picture to the left.  Granted, I have seen worse (I just don't have any pictures.  LOL)  I am not sure when yellow matched with purple.  You can't tell, but her socks are pulled up as high as they go.  She also put dress shoes on!  Needless to say, I did not take her out in public that day.  I never make her change when she mismatches her clothes — we just don't go anywhere that day.

I'll be honest — I am afraid of her getting Barbies or one of those Polly Pocket sets just because of her fashion sense.  If she dresses herself like this, how is she going to dress her dolls or would she just leave them naked all the time?  Then again, it may be pretty humorous.  Do you have any pictures of your children with mismatched outfits?  Do you let them wear them or do you make them change?  Any advice for me?

17 thoughts on “Mismatched outfits . . .Oh my!

  1. I swear my PARENTS dressed me worse than I ever dressed myself! I want to cry when I see some of what they made me wear when I was really little!

  2. That's what Garanimals are for! Just match the animals on the collar and you're all set. Even little kids can do it, as evidenced by their web site.

    My scheme is slightly more simple: I only buy clothes in shades of khaki. I'm always a dull shade of brown, but it works in an IT environment, and I always match.


  3. With my older kids I was pretty particular about what they wore … now with the youngest I let her wear what she wants as long as it fits the season. My three year olds fav is her tutu and rubber boots (easy to get on and off). I am assuming that people 'know' I didn't pick it out.

    Cute photo.

  4. I remembered my childhood days through your article, in my childhood, dressing mismatch is not a major work. My mom dressed me but not in a well look. It was really mismatched…

  5. Sometimes I think that children are really good in choosing right kinds of clothing, they just put on mismatching things to have some fun and see parents' reaction on the carnival:)

  6. kids are kids. They like to wear the things which they like. no matter how they look on them. When they grow up they develop the dressing sense. So let them wear what ever they like this will help them to be more confident.

  7. I think every kid has a moment like that. Just wait – one day she'll be telling YOU that you're unfashionable. Thankfully, you've got the photos to remind her where she started 😉

  8. They can wear whatever they want around the house, but have to change when we go out.

    That's a great blackmail pic when she's 16!

  9. Sounds like she's trying to find her fashion sense. She looks so cute. My little one is also trying to find her spot in the fashion world. Her clothes never match and her dolls are always naked. LOL!!

  10. I always let my kids where what they want and I even took them out. We did occasionally get the snide comment, "Look who dressed themselves," but I figured it wasn't worth the argument. There are too many more important things to argue about with them.

  11. I remembered my adolescence canicule through your article, in my childhood, bathrobe conflict is not a above work. My mom dressed me but not in a able-bodied look. It was absolutely mismatched…

  12. I was quite the fashionista when I was a little girl! It carried onto now :P. I would put on my Dads shirts as dresses, wear leaves in my hair and put on fashion shows XD!

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