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My Love Story

Since I am hosting the Postie Carnival this week, I figure I have to do a post for it. 🙂 I love chocolate and sugar — especially when I am pregnant. However, that is not what I am going to talk about. I could talk about Madison, but who does not love their kids.

However, a question I get a lot is how Bill and I met since I am from Green Bay, WI and he is from Burbank, IL. That is about a 4 hour drive depending on traffic. We are two people who should not ever have met. Bill went to college at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). I went to college at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Since the girl to guy ratio at MSOE was 8 guys to 1 girl, I use to drive carfuls of girls down to Milwaukee to party on the weekends. I dated one of Bill's friends for a little while there, but he decided to go back home (aff) (which was in MN). I met a lot of really nice people at MSOE, so I continued to stay in contact with the guys there (including Bill).

The weekend Bill and hooked up is an interesting twist to our story. I was sick. I mean really sick. Like 102 degree fever sick. Me, being all of 19, did not go to the doctor. Why? If I went to doctor, I knew he was going to put me on antibiotics, and I could not drink if I was on antibiotics. I figured I could wait till Monday. Plus, I had a carful of girls that I told I would take down there. We got there on Friday night. The guys would hook us up too. One of the guys (Jimmy) would give up his room, so all of us girls could stay in there (we weren't suppose to be there at all. We would sneak in.). We went to the frat party, and I clearly remember asking Bill to make sure that I did not hook up with anyone bad. Remember, at this point, we were really good friends. He was one of those guys you never think to date, because they are way too nice. We hung out at the party, I hooked up and set up a date with a different guy for Saturday night, and Bill and his friends walked us all back to the dorms. Well, the next night happens, and I got stood up. It sucked. I remembered being extremely sick and depressed. Bill stayed up with me all night, and we talked. I still remember thinking “why didn't I hook up with him”. On Sunday, us girls went home (aff), but I continued talking to him. We talked about what happened between us, and eleven years later we are still together.

Eleven years seems like a long time. It is even longer because the first 4 years of our relationship was long distance. Remember that I lived in Green Bay, and during the school year, he was in Milwaukee (2 (aff) hour drive) and during the summers, he was in Burbank (4 hour drive). When I moved down here in 2000, it was a hard adjustment for us. We had never spent more time together than a weekend ever. It was a transition, but we made it through. We have been married 6 years in June. We have a 3 (aff) year old with another little one on the way (in about 11 weeks).

And that is my love story . . .

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  1. "We are two people who should not ever have met. "

    Wrong! Fate steps in and gives folks a hand sometimes, you know. It was supposed to be. How fortunate for both of you that it is!

    Great job with the Postie Carnival!

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