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Nancy Drew Games Review

Can you believe it has been 12 years since the first Nancy Drew computer game came out? Me either! Secrets Can Kill was the start of a great legacy of great games for girls (like the books!). Even though the Nancy Drew games are for ages ten and up, it is a game I can play with my daughter who is six. I don't have to worry about content not appropriate for her.

If you haven't played Secrets Can Kill before, the story is that Jake Rogers was murdered and his killer is on the loose.  You (Nancy Drew) need to find the killer!  As a tribute to Nancy Drew's 80th anniversary, Her Interactive is relaunching this game.  There are redesigned characters, updated graphics, new puzzles, and even a different ending.  If you've played this before, it's completely different!  I personally like the task lists that help you onto your next steps.  Madison likes the Super Sleuth awards at the end.  I also liked the Nancy Drew references that are sprinkled throughout the game (book titles, etc).

The brand new Nancy Drew game that is coming out is Nancy Drew: Tales of the Twister. This is one of my favorite just due to liking storm chasing (well, not actually doing it, but watching it on TV or playing a game with it in there). The story for this game is that there is $1,000,000 at stake in a competition to discover a formula to predict tornado touchdowns. However, the crew starts getting hurt and equipment starts to fail, you (Nancy Drew) have to figure out if it's just bad luck or sabotage.  What I really liked about this game was that I actually learned a bit about weather and weather conditions.  I also like being able to start off really easy (which made it more fun for Madison because she could do more by herself).  She also like the mini arcade games.

We've played Nancy Drew games before, and these are just as good.  This is a series of computer games that both boys and girls would enjoy.  Two thumbs up!

This post was written for Family Review Network & HERinteractive who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.

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