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Order Up!

If you read my other blog (Lisa Reviews), you will already know that a couple of weeks ago we bought a Wii.  Let me tell you, if you don't have one, make sure you get one!  Yes, it is that awesome!  That being said, I came across a new game that I so want to try out called Order Up!

Order Up! is a game that I know I would love to play on the computer which is why I am so excited.  This is my genre that I love to play.  The fact that it is Wii game just makes it that much more awesome!  The game teaches you how to run a restaurant kitchen.  However, you will spend most of your time cooking.  You make dishes, manage cooktop stations, and also play manager.   You move up in the world too.  You start out in fast food and you are able to work up to working in a world class restaurant.  The coolest part of this game?  It simulates real cooking, so you have to pretend you are using real items like knives, spoons, tongs, and ladles.  If you think this sounds cool, you need to watch this Order Up! Trailer. I know it makes me want it even more. Think I can talk Bill into letting me get it if I tell him it'll make me a better cook?

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10 thoughts on “Order Up!

  1. oooh, that sounds like so much fun! i don't have a wii and know that if i did have one, i'd spend all my time on it but that game makes me want to go buy one!

  2. It sounds a lot like Cooking Mama, however that game does not have the ability to get paid and become more "professional". I have Cooking Mama on the DS, but I think it would be fab on the wii. I don't really buy games though, since I am not a big gamer, so I will play them on once every so often = waste of money.

  3. The Wii is addicting. My brother is bummed cuz his roommate just moved out and took his Wii with him! He went into Wii withdrawl!

  4. We're going to buy a wii when the force unleashed comes out. I've always wanted to wield a light saber. And now I finally get to try it out.

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