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My Pillow Pets

The award-winning Original Pillow Pets are snuggly plush companions that are a comfortable pillow for television, bedtime or travel time.  They come in two sizes, 11? or 18?, making them a perfect gift for any age child. At an affordable $16.99 or $24.99, they won’t break the holiday budget either.  They are made from the softest, high-quality chenille and are safety tested. There are more than 20 styles of loveable Pillow Pets available to choose from.

My kids chose a penguin one to try out.  I have to admit that this pillow is quite comfortable.  My kids fight over who gets to lay on it.  I love that these are sooo cute too.  You can easily get your kids whatever pillow they like.  One of Madison's friends recently got one of these for her birthday, and all the girls absolutely loved it! The best thing is that these are so easy to travel with be it in a car or a plane. They don't take up a lot of room, yet give your child the comfort of home (aff). This should be the must have present for the year!

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0 thoughts on “My Pillow Pets

  1. I can't decide which pillow I like most: the polar bear or the perky penguin ? tough decision, anyway all look great and the slippers too (good idea for a gift 🙂 )

  2. I found this post whilst looking for a birthday present for my boyfriend; something to keep him warm when I'm away on business. These pillow pets are so cute; I'm gonna buy one for me as well!



  3. I was surprised the other night when my 12 year old said she wants a pillow pet. These things are all the rage. We talked about pillow pets for about 30 minutes at dinner the other night. 😆

  4. These look great and would be a perfect present for my neice with Christmas fast approaching. The problem is that i live in the UK, does anyone know a place online where i can buy these?

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