Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – New Featurette and A Pirate Skull Cookie Recipe!
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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – New Featurette and A Pirate Skull Cookie Recipe!

There is a new featurette for you to enjoy for Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales:

I also promised this really good Pirate Skull Cookies recipes. You can enjoy these cookies as you watch the movie!

Pirate Skull Cookies

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Servings 2 (aff)


Cookie Ingredients

Icing Ingredients


Cookie Directions

  • Cream the soft butter with the sugar until the combination is smooth not grainy to the touch in a mixing bowl.
  • Add eggs. Continue to mix.
  • Add the vanilla. Continue mixing.
  • Sift the four, baking soda, and salt together.
  • Add the dry mixture to the wet mixture.
  • Continue mixing to make sure all ingredients are thoroughly blended.
  • Make the dough into a ball, wrap it in cling wrap completely covering the entire dough ball.
  • Put in the refrigerator for about 6 hours or overnight. Check to see if the dough is firm.
  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
  • Pull the cookie dough out of the refrigerator and sit it out to soften up a bit.
  • Put flour out on the cutting board, rub flour on the rolling pin (aff), and work some flour into
  • the batter. (if needed).
  • Roll the dough out on the cutting board and using the cookie cutter begin to make your cookies.
  • Line the cookie sheet (aff) with parchment paper.
  • Using a metal spatula move the cut cookies to the parchment lined cookiesheet.
  • Bake at 325 degrees for 8 minutes. Check to see if the cookies are thoroughly baked.
  • Take the cookies off of the cookie sheet (aff) and put on a wire rack to cool completely. (About 10 minutes).

Icing Directions

  • combine all ingredients except the colors into a standing mixing bowl.
  • mix on medium speed onto stiff peaks form
  • Split the icing into three bowls
  • Add black color to 1 bowl
  • Add red coloring to the 2nd bowl
  • Leave the 3rd bowl white
  • Scoop some of each of the icing into 3 individual piping bags
  • Add 2 TBSP of water to the white and red icing bowls
  • Once those colors are thinned, add the icing into the 2 squeeze bottles

Decorating directions

  • Outline the top corner of the skull cookie in red
  • Outline the rest of the skull in white icing
  • Fill in the red with the thinned red icing
  • Fill in the white with the white thinned icing
  • Add in white dots in the red
  • Let dry for 1 hour
  • Add the skulls face with the black piping bag
  • Let dry for 4 hours before enjoying
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25 thoughts on “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – New Featurette and A Pirate Skull Cookie Recipe!

  1. I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! I am super excited for this new one to come out.

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so creative! I mean, cookies alone are such a treat but to have it designed like this is just awesome. I don’t know if I can make them as perfect as you did, but I can sure try!

  3. My family hasn’t missed any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. These cookies are amazing and my grandkids would love them. Can’t wait to make them!

  4. We have seen all the Pirates movies right when they open and own them all on DVD. Can’t wait for this one to come out. Your cookies will be great for family movie night when we binge on the Pirates!

  5. I did not even realize there was another movie coming out. I have seen all of them so far so I cannot wait till this one comes out. I love those cookies you made I need to put in an order for them LOL.

  6. WOW those cookies are AMAZING! Perfect snack to accompany the new movie, which my family can’t WAIT to see!

  7. I love these movies and I can’t wait for this newest one to hit the big screen. I love the idea you have to celebrate it.

  8. This was my middle daughter’s favorite movie when the original came out. I bet she will be begging her BF to take her to see it. The cookies look amazing. You are so talented.

  9. My kids are big fans of these movies! I had to say your cookies jumped out at me, Mattie! Ugh, not so good with the pirate speak lol. Anyway, I love them, you did such a good job on them!! Pinned to share.

  10. I love these and I have 2 little pirate lovers who will too. Thank you for joining the fun over at The Creative K Kids’ Tasty Tuesday. I look forward to seeing what you share next week!

  11. Those are SO cute! My husband is a pirate (we belong to a pirate krewe in New Orleans) and would love those.

    I followed you here from Miz Helen’s Full Plate Thursday. I’d love to have you visit me at Life With Dee. If you dig around you may find some photos of us dressed as a pirate and wench. 😉

    Or you can just check out our menu for the week: http://lifewithdee.com/slow-cooker-chicken-fajitas-2/

    Have a beautiful day! Arr…

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