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Ever notice that you have old tapes laying around the house and no way to watch them? Or old film? I know my grandmother had some, and we were all wondering what was on there. That is where Pixorial comes in! This is a great service!

I was able to send in my grandmother's old projector tape, and Pixorial put them on a DVD for me. I was also able to order DVDs not only for my grandmother but also for all my aunts and uncles. We had lots of video where we had no idea who any of the people were! The videos were done well before I was born. 🙂 I even got to see my dad little which my kids got a kick out of and my aunt dancing pretty funny.

Pixorial makes it super easy to use their service. You request an envelope to send in your tapes and/or film. You then put your stuff in the envelope and send it back. They let you know when they received it and when everything has been processed, so you can review what you have. You are able to create one DVD or several once you can access your footage. I was able to personalize the cover of the DVD and pick out what kind of case I wanted. The software made it super easy to put the video into a story. My only complaint is that I wish I could have more editing ability. All in all, I'd use Pixorial again. (Actually, I am. As soon as I find my wedding tapes, I'll be sending those in to put on a DVD). Their system is easy to use and I've very impressed with their service!

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