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Pizza Hut Tuscani Pasta

On Tuesday night, my family and I tried the new Pizza Hut Tuscani Pastas. They are 50 oz containers of either Creamy Chicken Alfredo or Meaty Marinara. You don't have to do anything special — you just order it just like you do when you order pizza. The pasta dishes are $11.99 and feed a family of four. As you can tell from the picture of Will, this was a big hit for our family. We ordered the Meaty Marinara, and there was not one noodle left. When Pizza Hut was twenty minutes late, I was all ready not to like the pasta. However, it was piping hot and it was good.

Not only do you get the pasta, but you get five breadsticks with your order too! Pizza Hut has the best breadsticks ever, so this was a nice addition. This is something we are definitely going to be ordering again.

Now, if you want to try this at your house, I have a great deal for you. I'm having a giveaway for anyone who lives in the US. I will give the winner a a coupon for a free pasta dinner from Pizza Hut. I'll make it super easy too and give you several ways to enter.

1. Leave a comment on this post. One comment only please and let me know everything you did for your entries in that comment.
2 (aff). Blog about this giveaway linking to this page or my home (aff) page.
3 (aff). Stumble this post.
4. Subscribe to this blog using either my email or RSS feed.

I'll be running this contest until May 16th at 10PM CST. Good luck!

320 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Tuscani Pasta

  1. I'm very picky when it comes to Italian food being half Italian and growing up eating the real deal, but seeing your photos that pasta is looking good!

    I signed up for your RSS feed, commented (duh) and stumbled this for you. Thanks for the contest!

  2. I've seen these pastas advertised on tv but don't know anyone who has tried them yet. They look pretty good and my kids LOVE pasta! Thanks for the review! (I stumbled upon your site and will be coming back to check out your archives – looks interesting!)

  3. I wonder about those pasta dishes and would like to try them as the commercial they have on TV is preposterous, replacing the pasta at a fancy restaurant with something from pizza hut, come on. But that being said I'd like to try it and I am subscribed to your blog feed.

  4. We went to pizza hut and tried the pasta out. It was really good. The other day I was telling my mom we should order it for dinner, then my little brother ruined it by saying he wanted to order a pizza for himself. We ended up having hot dogs instead.

  5. Yummy– I would love to try this! I commented and signed up for your feed for entry. And I will tell a few friends to pop over too.

  6. I've hear nothing but good things about this past.

    I also subscribed to this blog by email

  7. Kind of afraid to order pasta from Pizza Hut but if free I will.

    Thanks for offering this. A friend told me about your site and of course I commented after deciding this is an interesting place!

  8. Looks like all you need is a salad and you have a complete meal. I'm leaving a comment (duh!).

  9. You can get them to deliver to you? ACK! We have to pick it up. There is no delivery where we live. The PH does not deliver at all. 🙁

    But it does look really yummy. We had the Chicken dish. It was really good too. I know we'll have to try the other one too. But if you order pizza with it, tastes even yummier. LOL!

  10. Similar to Connie's comments, i get skeptical about chain Italian food.Thanks for the revue. I had just made the assumption that the pasta must be gross prior to reading reviews.

  11. I subscribed to your blog and I love Pizza Hut and pasta. I would love to try the Meaty Marinara. Thanks.

  12. I would love to win this!! Thank you so much. I love Pizza Hut and I love pasta, so this would likely be a good fit for me. 🙂

  13. I stumbled this and would like to try it for free before buying it- I'm pretty picky about my pasta!

  14. I've been wanting to try these but I got skeered…LOL

    I've had some very bad pasta dishes at restaurants, so delivery pasta? Um, yeah.

    But you said it's god so next time we order from Pizza Hut, I'll pick one up.

    We order from them when we want more variety with our wings, they carry Wingstreet wings, more flavors and choices than Dominos.

    Oh, I commented and stumbled this post, and I am already subscribed to your feed.

  15. I have been wanting to try hteir pasta, a night w/o cooking sounds good to me!!


  16. I really like the "Pizza Model!" We have a Pizza Hut about 5 minutest away. This coupon would make a wonderful with some salad. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks,Cindi

  17. I've been hearing a lot about Pizza Hut's new pasta dishes, and would love to try them. The melted cheese in the picture looks heavenly. Thanks for the offer!

  18. I love Fetticuni Alfredo and am looking forward to giving Pizza Hut's a try…I'm glad I stumbled onto this!

  19. I keep seeing the commercials for this. Everytime I do, I tell DH we have to try it. Being Italian, I prefer to make my pasta from scratch, but this would be nice when I want a break. Heck, DH could pick it up for dinner on a night when he's cooking!

    Thanks for the contest!

    (commented for entry)

  20. I've been meaning to try the new pasta dishes. Thank you for the opportunity to win a free family meal!

  21. I'd love to treat my husband to a pasta dinner from Pizza Hut. Thanks so much for the contest. Going to keep my fingers crossed that I win. Since it's a meal for four people, it would be good for two dinners. I never let good leftovers go to waste! 🙂

    To enter this contest I am posting this comment.

  22. The commercials look good, but have yet to try it. The baby looks like he's having a blast with it though!

  23. i profess ignorance what do u mean by stumbled?….pizza hut pasta on the buffet always has been good…so i imagine this would be good also

  24. The closest Pizza Hut is 67 miles away, but we go there every time we are in town for soccer, shopping etc.

  25. Thanks for the contest, I would love to win this! Commenting on this and hoping to win…have a family of 5 to feed so this would definitely come in handy!

  26. I saw this contest and decided it was well worth entering, so here I am, leaving a comment to win. Thanks!

  27. I have been wondering if this pasta was any good. The commercials are tempting. Thanks for the review. Now I'm hungry.

    I have also subscribed to your blog.

    I don't have one and I have no idea how to stumble anything… except my own legs.

  28. I stumbled.. and I'm commenting. I must say I'm not sure about this.. I love pasta but I doubt Pizza huts ability to do it right. I would be very interested in trying it

  29. Free food is good, but hot gooey pasta is even better. I would love to try it and will give feedback when I do.

  30. Tried the Chicken Alfredo and loved it! Having married into a Italian family food is very important, and this is one that even my mother in law would have liked…

  31. The Pizza Hut where I live, never has enough cooks working on the weekend. The last time I was there, my boyfriend and I had to wait 2 hours and the "waitress" made our pizza!

  32. I'm leaving a comment to enter. I don't know how to blog, stumble or rrs. Thanks for the contest.

  33. I SOOO want to try this. I LOVE me some pasta:)

    Stumbled, subscribed via Google reader and commenting! I wanna win woman!!

  34. We've been wanting to try this. Pick me pick me (thinking happy thoughts for the number randomizer to pick me!!!!) Stumbled post too 😉

  35. enter me please, thank you for the contest

    I commented here and frequent your blog regularely

  36. I subscribed! Looking forward to more of your reviews.

    Can't beat something Italian and a salad!

  37. I had one of their pasta dishes and liked it very much. What a great prize! I would use it to celebrate my upcoming graduation with my friends who also like Pizza Hut. I always loved Pizza Hut–in my younger days I used to get pizza from the one down the street! YUMMMMMMMMM

  38. I would really like to try their pasta! Thanks for the contest!

    (Subscribed via RSS and Commented)

  39. the meaty marinera pasta looks and sounds delicious I subscribed to your rss feed THANKS 🙂

  40. Ok,,,,,,,i stumbled in here and I will be going to Pizza Hut to try this later today……it's 1 AM here

  41. Well, I visited your website for the first time. And I would like to try the Pizza Hut stuff. Does that count?

  42. Hey Lisa! Thanks for tasting it first! I've wanted to try it but since I can't stand wasting money, didn't want to be the guinea pig. Thanks for the recommendation.

    It certainly looks yummy and few things in life are better than a free, delivered meal.

    I've subscribed via email and looking forward to your reviews (and i would love some pasta!)

  43. This is excellent. My boyfriend & I went to Pizza Hut last Friday night & ordered it. Yum.

  44. Looks great and I will try it. Even though pasta is so easy to make, I like the idea of not having to cook!!

  45. This is a great option for having food delivered that's NOT pizza. There are not very many other non-pizza choices in my area.

  46. I have been watching the commercials about the new pasta, and would love to have the opportunity to try some free! Thanks for the opportunity.

  47. Hello, Pizza Hut is my favorite, just ask my children 🙂

    I subscribed to your rss feed also,

    Thanks, Kathy

  48. O.K. – so I stood on my head in a corner for an hour for an entry! Now count me in please! Thanks.

  49. This sounds so intriguing. three pounds of pasta for $11.99? How do they do it? I'm ready for those extra crunches and cardio. Let's eat!

  50. I saw an ad for the two new pastas on TV and my mouth watered! Thanks for a super giveaway! And, I don't know what Stumble on this post means; but, since I have the site bookmarked, it's easy to find.

  51. I bloged bloged bloged.

    My kids are in track so eat a lot of pasta.

    We have been waiting to try pizza huts new pasta's maybe if I'm lucky and win we can.


  53. Ive been dying to try it since ive seen the comericals but havent yet,this would be a good time too,thanks

  54. The Pizza Hut Tuscani Pastas look so yummy and I have a family full of pasta eaters that would love to try this! I would love to not have to cook it! LOL

  55. Love your blog and would love to win this. I just bought a house in a new community that is far from everything. No one delivers to us yet and is probably gonna cost me $10 just in gas to get there to order this…LOL! It looks so good and my kids are driving me crazy to try it! I hope I win this : )

  56. I would love to try these. With two small children we don't eat out much and don't have a lot of choices for takeout.

  57. I was wondering if this new Pasta could beat their pizza. I'll just have to give it the taste test. We sure love their pizza buffet luncheons.

  58. Yummy! I just ate at Pizza Hut for dinner tonight but we split a pizza and haven't tried out the pasta yet!

  59. I would love a night without cooking and it looks delicious. I don't know what stumble this post means, sorry. I've subscribed to the blog though.

  60. That photo looks really good! I live alone & I think it would be about 2 meals for me. I had not known about these dishes at Pizza Hut. Anyway, I subscribed to your blog, it looks interesting. Good job. (Plus I'd like to win this contest)….

  61. I'm commenting to try to win pasta, my comment, any night I don't have to cook is wonderful. P.S. I would love to try this pasta.

  62. I have heard that these pasta dishes were awesome!! I posted a comment is the step I took!1

  63. I would love to win this contest. I am registered for your feedback and I commenting on the Pizza Hut blog.

  64. My kids have tried the new pasta chicken dish and loved it and highly recommened ! I can't wait to try it myself!

  65. The breadsticks included in the meal deal was the clincher for me. It sealed the deal! I'd order the Meaty Marinara too. Thanks for the evaluation. We'll try it, Lisa.

  66. I'm commenting and subscribing to your feed. I've been wanting to try their pasta. The commercials makes it look delicious!

    bleucowgirl AT hotmail DOT com

  67. I came across this post while doing a search for comments about Pizza Hut's new pasta. My family is considering trying it, but I wanted to hear what others had to say first. Now that I did a search for it and found it, I'm leaving this comment on your site!

  68. My homemade pasta is really good,

    But I found your ad and its understood,

    I'll give your pasta a fair first try

    'Cause it's Pizza Hut, and that is why.

  69. Yum! We love Pizza Hut and have been wanting to try their pasta. I don’t know what stumble this post means, sorry. Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. I would love to win a free pasta dinner from Pizza Hut. It sounds like their pasta is delicious based on the advertisements I have seen and I really want to try it out. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks. The only thing I did for an entry into your contest is comment. Thanks once again.


  71. On a day like today where it's so hot, I really do not want to cook. This would be perfect!

  72. Since I am staying home more,cause of the price of Gas, this would make it much more enjoyable…

  73. I'm commenting. 🙂 My mother loves chicken alfredo and I could treat her to it if I won.

  74. I love Pizza-Hut, so I would love to try their new pasta. I stumbled your entry since I have never done that before.

  75. Just ate at Pizza hut last Sunday. Its still a great pizza–if they could just get rid of the oil its swimming in!

  76. Just ordered this online, waiting for my delivery! Was just browsing the internet for others' opinions on the pasta.

  77. for quick pasta it is edible, however, it is so greasy that your bowels will have a hay-day. if you eat greasy things regularly, you will be fine. make sure to have this with a salad.

  78. I tried the Tuscani Pasta Meaty Marinara tonite I weighed it as soon as I got home a 5 minute drive it weighed 32.11 ounces in the metal pan. Its kind of bland but it was paid for so I ate it

  79. I tried the Tuscani Pasta Alfredo several months ago and now I am hooked. 😉 I order the family size with cheese on my bread sticks. YUM!! Lisa maybe you could extend your free pasta offer. I did not find you until now so I missed the May 16th deadline. 🙁 (only by 7 months or so) 😆

  80. First of all, the commercials are ridiculous. The first one I saw features a bunch of what looked like college juniors and seniors at an upscale restaurant. Not too hard to fool them. They're probably used to eating Ramen noodles. And served up in a beautiful restaurant definitely made it seem even more "exquisite." It's not like this was a taste test in the mall. But the 2nd one is really outlandish. They claim to have gone to Italy and fooled the Italians themselves. Hard to believe. Nonetheless, I had to try this Pizza Hut pasta. The verdict? Nothing special about it. You could make better at home. Actually, the stoned-out-of-their-mind college juniors could make something better. The best thing is that they deliver it, and you don't have to cook. How much is Pizza Hut giving you in kickbacks to run this blog? 😐

  81. Hello,.

    I camefrom Firenzem Italy and I have been living here in the US for 3 years. . When I saw the commercial of Pizza hut pasta, I decided to order to see how good..

    My conclusion is the sauce is Ok, but the pasta is terrible. Nobody makes pasta like that back in my country.

  82. Is there really a need for the pic of the baby with sauce smothered all over it's face?

    That's more repugnant than appetizing. 😕

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