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My hubby and his friends have a poker night every couple of months. They rotate whose house its at each time, so I end up with it one or twice a year. After Madison goes to bed, I usually get to join in. Which led me to thinking, what is my poker strategy? I have played a lot of online poker tournaments. I mostly use common sense and play a more conservative poker game till I get a feel for the other players. With Bill's friends, we have done this so often, I know how they play. However, they know how I play too (I think — women have a much better memory though — or at least I do). I don't think I have any tells. Then again, I don't recall any of them havng tells either. I do know that later in the evening I have to mix up my betting just to keep them sharp. Otherwise, they figure me out. One (actually 2 (aff)) of his friends are more aggressive than I like. However, those are great pots to win. Mainly, I guess my strategy is to lay low, play conservative, and hopefully make it till the end of the night. What is your strategy?

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