Reading Apps For Kids: Readability Tutor
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Reading Apps For Kids: Readability Tutor

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Let’s talk about kids, reading, and summer brain drain! Reading is vital to every facet of our lives. A love of books opens new worlds for our kids. However, for some of our kids, reading can be a real challenge to master, and that's okay. There's no need to get frustrated anymore.

How can you help your child develop their reading skills or stop the summer brain drain? Check out the Readability Tutor app and learn how their reading program for kids will help your reader with both their reading and comprehension skills.

What is the Readability Tutor Reading App for Kids?

Readability uses AI and speech recognition to adjust and adapt so the program is customized for each individual child’s needs. Practicing pace and pronunciation through reading aloud helps kids build the foundation needed to become excellent readers. With Readability, they'll also learn a variety of reading skills including accuracy, fluency, speed, decoding, and comprehension. In addition, their confidence will blossom and so will their passion for reading.

It is the only learning app of its kind that improves reading and comprehension in struggling readers making it unique. Readability brings together Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Advanced Speech Recognition, Comprehension with Interactive Voice-based Questions & Answers, Fun Content, Real-Time Performance Tracking, and Gamification all within one mobile app!

How Will the Readability App Help My Children With Reading?

Readability Tutor is honestly the most interactive online reading programs I've seen out there. What a great reading program (or even learn to read app)!

Using both artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology, the app, in real time, listens to your children reading aloud, highlights their missed words, and helps them by reading aloud unrecognized words. It's like having your very own reading tutor right there with you.

Readability Tutor also helps improve your children’s reading comprehension through asking voice based questions and answers at the end of each book. What child can't use a little more reading comprehension practice?

Why do I like Readability Tutor?

For me, I love that everything is in real time, and that you are getting instant feedback. It's the closest thing to having somebody reading with you. The book selections are awesome, and there are lots of options for each grade level that will appeal to your kids.

Though best of all is the parent dashboard. I know, you are all going — Say what?!?!? The parent dashboard makes it so easy to track your children’s progress and see where your kids are struggling the most. Track time spent reading, reading speed, and comprehension for each book each one of your children reads. Best of all, this is tracked separately for each child you have that has a profile set up in your account.

You can also set goals for your each of your children.

What Age is the Readability Tutor App For?

Readability Tutor is a reading app for kids ages 5-12 years old. You are able to choose both your child’s grade and reading level. That allows you to choose the reading level that best matches their actual skills rather than the grade they are in. Best of all, they can’t see that on their dashboard; they just get a list of book to choose from to read. If your struggling reader does super well or if your advanced reader needs more of a challenge, it is super easy to personalize the library of books in the app to match their needs too.

If you’re unsure of your child’s reading level, start with their current grade level and adjust up or down from there, and the artificial intelligence within the app will adjust its offerings based on their progress within the assigned grade level.

Proven to Increase Reading Level in 90 Days

How Much Does The Readability Tutor App Cost?

The Readability app offers a free 7-day trial. After the free trial, the Readability app costs $19.99 per month for an account with up to 3 (aff) readers.

Let your kids try the app out and see how much the app can help improve their reading skills. Be sure to check out the parenting dashboard too during the trial to see all the ways you’ll be able to track your children's skills as they develop.

Best of all, there is no long term contract, and you can cancel anytime.

Your Readability Tutor account allows you to have 3 (aff) reader profiles at no additional cost. I love how they take families into account! Even though there are multiple profiles, each kid's profile will be personalized with their name and reading level.

Click here to start your free trial now!

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Who is the Readability Tutor App Best For?

Readability Tutor is a reading app for kids in Kindergarten through sixth grade (kids 5-12 years old). This app can help improve children's reading and comprehension skills regardless of their reading skill level.

However, this app is a great tool for struggling readers too. It is one that doesn't single them out and make them feel any less than any other child. Instead, it's fun for them, and they want to use it.

Readability Tutor allows you to provide the young readers in your house with the tools they need to take their reading skills to the next level! One of the best reading apps for kids, this app provides endless reading opportunities anytime and anywhere your child can access a device. Readability Tutor has nailed the recipe for reading: as your child's reading skills develop, their love of reading should follow.

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Start yourfree trial of the Readability Tutor appnow!

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  1. Nowadays everything we need for our kids , we find it online. It’s great to try new tools that can help them!

  2. I’m still a big fan of books for kids, they feel innately more intimate when reading together, but skeptical as I am, I may just give these a whirl.

  3. I’m trying to encourage my little one to read more. These apps might come in handy for reading over the summer break x

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