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Nothing is worse than when you come out to your van realized that somebody broke in. That was our morning this morning.

My glove box was all over my car, so I called the hubby to see if he did it.  (He didn't).  Ask Madison.  She said no.  Well, that left that we got robbed, since all the change in my console was missing.  Normally, we lock the van doors, but Bill has run out to get some stray groceries that I didn't bring in in the morning.  The van didn't get locked back up.  I feel lucky though —

1.  Nobody got hurt.

2.  They didn't take anything besides the change from what I can tell.

3.  They didn't break a window.

4.  They left my passenger door open though.  It didn't rain inside (which is a miracle in itself) and my van started.

This could have been a lot worse.  A police report was filed in between me dropping Madison off for school and Will going to preschool for his first day.

3 thoughts on “Robbed

  1. Our car was robbed a couple of years ago when we lived at our old house and they took out the radio but dropped it in the woods behind our house, they also took a weed eater out of our neighbor's garage and so the sheriff thought it was teenagers. It was crazy and I felt so violated.

    I am so sorry, no one should feel this way.

  2. That happened to us too–but that was back when we played darts at the bar so there was probably $20 in quarters stolen.

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