Sacred Mayan Journey – A Once In A Lifetime Adventure
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Sacred Mayan Journey – A Once In A Lifetime Adventure




Last May, I got to take an incredible journey.  It is not one that most of us in United States have ever heard of and know anything about which is why I knew I had to write about it and tell you all that you have to head to Mexico and watch the Sacred Mayan Journey at least once in your lifetime.  Just watching, you will find yourself full of so many emotions.  I also turn every vacation we have into a learning experience (last year we took the kids to Tulum, swimming with whale sharks, and swimming with Sea Turtles) of some sort.  I want them to walk away with the understanding that the world is so much bigger than our little Chicago suburb.  I also want them to learn about other cultures and how others live.  The Sacred Mayan journey does all of these things.  

Let me first give you a little background, since, I'm sure, you probably never heard of this before today.  Thousands of years ago, the Mayans would cross the Caribbean Sea to Cozumel.  They went to worship their goddess Ixchel.  Ixchel is the goddess of fertility, health, water and vegetation – basically, the essentials to have a good life.  Villagers became oarsmen, and they crossed over to gain favor from the goddess.  

Today's version allows you to watch what it was like for these villagers.  This ritual begins in the marketplace where you trade for different objects to be offered to the goddess.  You then work your way down to the sand where you get to watch the show that is put on for us to show us what it was like thousands of years ago.  I have so many pictures I have to show you so I've included some of the highlights of what we saw:


[tps_title]The Sacred Mayan Journey[/tps_title]

19 thoughts on “Sacred Mayan Journey – A Once In A Lifetime Adventure

  1. I’ve never experienced the Sacred Mayan Journey before but man does it look interesting! I definitely plan on visiting Mexico soon (later this month I’m visiting Canada for the first time so after that I plan on visiting Mexico).

  2. That sounds like an amazing experience. I would absolutely love to see this and will definitely try to get there.

  3. I have never been on the Mayan Journey. Sounds interesting. I do like to explore new experiences whenever I’m on vacation and swimming with the sea turtles was so much fun on our last vacation.

  4. History is something I totally enjoy. Wonderful to read and learn more about Mayan. Your kids will always remember their experience.

  5. This looks like quite the experience. I have never been to Mexico but it is definitely on my travel bucket list – hopefully some day soon!

  6. I love learning about different cultures and history. I have heard about this Mayan Journey but have not yet taken advantage of going. We will see if we can include this in our 2017 travel goals.

  7. Seems like a great and amazing show to watch. I don’t know so much about the Mayan culture and civilization. But it still fascinates and intrigues a lot of people. What a great experience you had.

  8. Wow, my family definitely needs to see this show if it comes to our area. The photos are gorgeous and I bet it was an amazing experience.

  9. This is one awesome experience I would love to take my family to. We love learning about different cultures and about history as well. The Mayan way of life is that of dedication to the family and deep faith to their gods. I think this is something we lack today.

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