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Scott Walker And The Companies Supporting Him

If you are a regular reader here, you will already know what Scott Walker is doing in Wisconsin.  (If not, click that link).  I know this story has made national media, so I won’t get into it again of what he’s doing, why he’s doing it (the wealthy are pulling the strings), etc etc.  Instead, I’m going to tell you to put your dollars where your mouth is.

Yes, you heard me correct.  If you live in Wisconsin or even if you don’t (like me), you can make yourself heard.  Below, I have a list of Scott Walker’s contributors.  If you don’t agree with what Scott Walker is doing, please take your business elsewhere.  I know I am.  (AND I’ll be using this list on our next trip to Green Bay).

Campaign contributions source:

PACs, $5000 or more:
Concerned Realtors Committee
Realtors PAC
KochPAC Natural Resources
People for Rebecca Kleefisch
Building a Better WI/Wisconsin Builders Association
Wal-Mart Stores/WAL-PAC
Tavern Industry PAC
Republican Party of Wisconsin
HNTB Holdings Ltd PAC
AT&T Wisconsin Employee PAC (formerly SBC)
Operating Engineers 139 PAC
Republican Party Milwaukee Co
Managed Health Services/Centene PAC
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
TDS Telecom
WI Credit Union League Action Fund (WCULAF)
Deere & Company PAC – WI
FONEPAC Telecommunications & Computers
Friends of Alberta Darling
Eli Lilly and Company PAC
Friends & Neighbors of Robin Vos
WellPAC Wellpoint Inc
WI Insurance Alliance PAC
WI Pipe Trades PAC

Employers of Contributors of $5000 or more
ABC Supply Co
Agrecol Corp
Allen Edmonds Shoes
AMK Concepts & Services
Anew Health Care Services Inc
AO Smith Corp
Apache Stainless Steel
Artisan Partners
Atlantic DQ
Audio Implements/GKC
Badger Meter
Baraboo Growth
Bevco Ergonomic Seating
Blomquist Benefits Consulting
Boerke Co Inc
Bradley Foundation
Brian Retzlaff Trucking
Briggs & Stratton
Burke Properties
Burlington Northern Santa Fe…
Call Solutions
Campbell Wrapper Corp
CD Smith Construction
Chambers & Owen
Charro Restaurante
Charter Manufacturing
Church Mutual Insurance
Cobalt Partners LLC
Commonwealth Development Corp…
Continental Properties Co Inc
County Concrete
Couri Insurance Agency
Custom Pak Products
EBY-Brown Co
Einhorn Associates
Emergency Medicine Specialists
Endeavors Group
Fabco Equipment Inc
Fashion Angels Enterprises
Feather Larson & Synhorst…
Fiduciary Management
First American Funding
Fisher Barton Inc
Glenora Co
GMR Marketing
Gogebic Taconite LLC
Gold Leaf Development
Hal Leonard Publishing
Hammes Co
Harris Associates
Hay Creek Pallett
Heartland Advisors
Hexagon Investments
High Crossing Development Corp
Holton Brothers Construction
Horton Group
Hovde Financial
Hy Cite Corp
Inpro Corp
Insight Industries
Irgens Development Partners
Johnson Controls
Johnsonville Foods
JSD Professional Services Inc
Kapur & Associates
KBS Construction
Koss Corp
Krier Foods
Kwik Trip
Lorman Education Services
Lubar & Co
M&I Bank
Meissner, Tierney, et al
Michels Corp
Midwest Neurosurgical
Minnesota Wild
MJ Construction Inc
Morrison Creek Cranberry
Nicholas Company Inc
Nova Surgical LLC
Orthopaedic Associates of…
Panduit Corp
Paper Machinery Corp
Payne & Dolan
Pinstripe Inc
Plastic Surgery Group
Prent Corp
Promotions Unlimited
RCI FirstPathway Partners
Reiman Publications
Richardson Industries
Rite Hite Corp
Roehl Transport
Salomon Smith Barney
Sargento Inc
SC Johnson & Sons
Schneider National
School choice
Sendik’s Food Market
Shannon Sales Inc
SIG Financial Holdings
Specialty Underwriters
St John Properties Inc
Standard Process Laboratories
Stark Investments
Super Steel Products
Tamarack Petroleum Co
Tankcraft Corp
Tries & Rice
Uihlein Wilson Architects
US Counseling Service
US Oil Co
V Duane Rath Foundation
Wausau Homes
Wausau Paper
West Allis Salvage
West Bend Clinic
Zenith Tech

14 thoughts on “Scott Walker And The Companies Supporting Him”

    1. Boycotting Kwik Trip is pretty hard in La Crosse. You want gas? You have one choice. Kwik Trip.

      There are two Clark stations hidden in town. Put them on your next scavenger hunt.

  1. The rest of the country is pretty darned proud of him! Public Employee unions are corrupt, using union dues to support the politicos that fatten their paychecks. In any other industry but government, that's illegal. The states are suffocating under public deficits caused primarily by outrageous benefit packages of public employees. It has to stop somewhere, and Walker is man enough to try to stop it.

    1. How can the workers be corrupt?? For years they have been accepting lower wages, as mega corporations pile up tax breaks. Tax the corporations that send American jobs over seas because they won't pay a living wage. OUTSORSING IS KILLING AMERICA.

      Our country is founded on the right to unionize! It is a core amarican value to unionize. Did George Washington give up on his fledgling union in the face of the British empire. No he did not, and that is how America began!

      1. It would be interesting to debate the issues with you, but first we would have to agree on the evidence. I didn't say workers are corrupt, I said their unions have become corrupt. They extort dues from their workers, even those who don't want to participate; they use the dues to unethically influence politics, including things their workers don't agree with. They use the dues to unethically support the politicians who fatten the unions' incomes, thus capitalizing on a conflict of interest that is illegal in other professions. They have bankrupted major corporations, and are now on the way to bankrupting the largest states in the U.S. By the way, "Mega Corporations" in the U.S. enjoy the highest tax rates in the Western world. The reason they "outsorce" jobs is because the costs are lower elsewhere, and one of their biggest cost burdens they face is the U.S. corporate income tax. If you want to bring jobs home, how logical is it to INCREASE the taxes that have driven employers out of the country? And if you think the meaning of the word "union" in George Washington's time was the same as your meaning, you need to read more.

        1. I would be curious to know what the difference is between a corrupt union and a corrupt corporation? It is very hard to be sympathic toward a corporation that outsources jobs and then pays it executives huge salaries and bonuses. And it is even harder to be sympathetic when that same executive runs the company into the ground, gets terminated and receives a huge severance package.

          You believe using union dues to support a political candidate is wrong, but what about everytime you make a purchase of a manufactured product? Part of the purchase price wil be used to support the political ideals of that company. It may not be called a tax, or dues, but no matter what you call it the effect is the same and you have no choice, unless you opt not to make the purchase. Corporations that have so much excess money to pay huge salaries and bonuses to executives and contribute to political parties made that money by charging you more than was necessary on your purchase.

          So, looking toward the future, what do you see? My opinion is that if workers continue to make less, they spend less. Spending less means corporations sell less resulting in further cost reductions. Those cost reductions will be either more outsourcing, reduced wages and benefits, layoffs or some combination thereof. But in all cases the workers make less and the cycle continues. The result will be a society of a few rich and a whole lot of poor people. Sounds like a third world country to me!

        2. I agree that we must first determine what the facts are or evidence is before we can intelligently discuss the issue(s). What has been offered so far are not facts as far as I can tell, but unsupported assertions. If one wishes to assert unions are corrupt, one can clearly do so, but assertions are neither facts nor evidence. Asserting that unions unethically influence politicians is equally no more than an assertion. If there is evidence that corporate taxes are the reason that companies are going off-shore, I am more than willing to read it. What evidence to support this assertion is found where? Moreover, I have no idea what George Washington thought of unions as labor unions did not exist in his timse, and would not for nearly another 100 years.

          Given the recent failures, the banking and insurance crisis, and the prior savings and loan crisis, I think a much stronger argument can be made that large, unregulated corporations pose a much greater threat to our country than any labor union ever did or could.

    2. Yes, I'm so greedy. Working with a master's degree and 10 years of experience making $40,000. I am not the enemy, but I'm guessing you are.

      PS-I also pay taxes. 🙂

      1. No one called you greedy. We are not enemies. Honorable people like you are not the problem. The problem is the corruption that has been allowed to grow in the system, mostly at the top. The unions aren't magically exempt from becoming corrupted by money and power, and I am sorry to say they are corrupt. They started as a good thing, and have become evil and corrupt, like any large enterprise with too much power. Now they have infected and despoiled local and state governments, and they have to be stopped. Sorry.

        1. Apparently you are not aware of the uses of union dues nor the source of contributions made to politicians by unions. Union dues support the work of the union in keeping up with legislative changes, advising locals on legal issues that they could not afford to hire private lawyers for (unlike their employers), investing pension funds on a much larger scale than individuals can, seeking out the most cost-effective health benefit plans to recommend to their locals to be used in contract negotiations, keeping track of workers' employment records and working out ways of coordinating the service of people between different sectors of public employment, and communicating with members, among other things. They also pay the salaries of their officers, much like a corporation does, but they are salaries and not enhanced by bonuses. Sure, money and power corrupt human beings, but not more so in the unions than in the reckless gamblers in the corporate and financial sector that created the housing crisis, the bank failures, etc.

          As for the political contributions, they are funded by VOLUNTARY contributions to Political Action Committees (PACS). Believe me, no union workers have the kind of cash laying around to be making thousands of dollars of contributions like the Koch family members and many others can easily make as individuals. Usually, in the union I belong to (New York State United Teachers, affiliated with AFL-CIO and National Education Association), people elect to have a few dollars per paycheck automatically deducted and contributed to the PAC to fund researchers and lobbyists who will speak on our behalf on relevant legislation and who will decide what candidates to recommend to their members in terms of their platforms and voting records on issues that affect education. I don't see how this smacks of corruption or abuse of power.

          Our pension fund, by the way, has been very well managed in spite of the downturn in the economy, and 89% of the money in that fund consists of returns from investments. Only 11% consists of contributions from employers and employees. And a "full" pension is not the same as continuing to receive a full salary after retirement. The formula for determining the pension amount, after a minimum number of years and a minimum age is reached (in my case, 30 years or age 62), is to multiply the final average salary of one's last three years of service by 2% per year of service. For me, with 26 years of service at age 62, that amounts to 52% of my previous income, minus income taxes that are withheld just like they were with my salary. My health benefits continue as primary until I reach Medicare age, and then they become secondary. All of this, of course, varies from state to state, depending on state laws and the terms of local contract negotiations. You can't just lump all public employees together into one big pot and curse them as the root of the problem.

          And those high corporate tax rates? They are probably hard on small and mid-size companies who can't afford a whole department of people to research loopholes and recommend candidates who will create even more loopholes. But the big companies have so many ways to avoid paying taxes at all that their actual rate of taxation is much lower than that of wage-earners. The reason they go offshore is to maximize their profits, keep as much as they want for themselves, and to hell with the people whose labor originally created their wealth.

  2. more importantly email each of the companies by using their contact us form and tell them to stop collective bargaining or you will never buy another product again.

  3. Many, many thanks.

    I am trying to find some short term action to impact wisconsin. Any ideas?

    from my Facebook status posts –

    Can someone help me find some short term action to support our friends in Wisconsin? – – What short term actions are available??

    Stand Up NOW For Wisconsin Public Workers! | MDP Justice Caucus

    Seriously, is there some product from the State of Wisconsin or something that the state government sells that we could immediately boycott in a measurable way? Can we focus it to get the governor's attention?

    Is simple jealousy driving Gov Walker's attack on teachers?? According to Wikipedia: Walker dropped out of college getting mostly C's.

    According to Wikipedia, Walker opposes abortion in all circumstances, including in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. and

    Companies that supported Scott Walker for governor. I will boycott them.
    Phone: 608/266-1212

    Fax: 608/267-8983…

    Do you see any way to focus and concentrate our action so that it will make a difference?

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