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So You Think You Can Happy Dance?

If you don't, I have two little ones who will definitely show you a few moves. We definitely have many happy dances occurring here (especially when I tell Madison that she gets to go get a video game tonight!). So You Think You Can Dance? has become so popular that everyone is getting into it. Check out the Snuggle Bear:

Now, if he can bust a move, so can you! Snuggle and So You Think You Can Dance have partnered up together to offer an awesome contest.  All you have to do is submit your video showing your Happy Dance moves. Basically, they want you to show the nation how the freshness of Snuggle just makes you want to jump around and dance. Now, during the results episodes on Thursdays, you can watch viewers showing off their very own Happy Dances.  Not only can your video be shown nationwide, you could also win a trip to Los Angeles to see the So You Think You Can Dance finale!  Who wouldn't like to be a part of this?

Now, if you think you are going to look silly, watch this video:Don't you feel better now? I want to see your video on there sometime this season. Good luck and happy dancing!

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4 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Happy Dance?

  1. I have never participated in any kind of dance competitions as the way I dance is pathetic.But it was funny looking at the dance in the video.

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