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Still not so good

Will is still really off.  I made Bill get with him all night, and I guess he was up every two hours.  I thought formula was suppose to make him sleep longer not less.  Anybody have experience changing a baby over from breast milk to formula?

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  1. It's a myth that formula will help a baby sleep longer. With my first, he was an extremely lazy nurser and a bad sleeper. I was feeding him expressed milk and since he was taking a bottle anyway, thought we'd try formula at night. It didn't make a lick of difference. He's about three months old, right? Both of my boys went through long stretches of waking every two hours and neither slept decent stretches until almost a year old. Have you tried a different sleep position? I know it's best to put him on his back, but maybe another position would be more comfortable? Or some white noise? I feel your pain — having two "bad" sleepers myself, I know how awful it is 🙁

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