The Best Movies To Watch Before Halloween
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The Best Movies To Watch Before Halloween

Step into a realm of spine-tingling excitement and eerie enchantment as the Halloween season approaches. The air is filled with a sense of anticipation, and what better way to immerse yourself in the spirit of the holiday than by delving into the best movies to watch before Halloween? From haunting classics that have stood the test of time to contemporary thrillers that send shivers down your spine, this handpicked selection of movies is a gateway to the perfect Halloween movie marathon.

So, gather 'round as we unveil a world of captivating tales that will both chill and delight, setting the tone for a memorable and chilling celebration. Here are the best movies to watch before Halloween:

The Addams Family

Addams Family

A clan of ghouls encounters a peculiar stranger who asserts a familial connection.

Corpse Bride


Right before his wedding, Victor finds himself pulled into the depths of the underworld by a Corpse Bride who claims him as her own.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

Detective Ichabod Crane from New York is dispatched to Sleepy Hollow to probe a string of enigmatic deaths, where the victims are discovered decapitated. I'm a fan of Johnny Depp‘s performance in this movie too!

R.L. Stine's Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls


When a traveling horror exhibition arrives in Danville, the local high school eagerly anticipates their visit. Little do they know, the evil showman behind the scenes has a wicked plan. This is a must-see for enthusiasts of R.L. Stine's work.

Sweeney Todd

Sweeny Todd

Following wrongful imprisonment, a vindictive killer conceals his identity by partnering with a baker whose meat pies become a sensation in London. Yet another remarkable performance by Johnny Depp!

The Amityville Horror


This is the 2005 remake of the 1979 horror hit about a family whose new home (aff) has a gory past.

The Awakening

The Awakening

A writer, known for debunking hoaxes, is summoned to an eerie boarding school. Yet, the peculiar atmosphere prompts her to doubt her own rationality.

Children Of The Corn

Children of the corn

Who can resist the allure of a captivating Stephen King film? A couple's journey takes an abrupt turn as they stumble upon the lifeless body of a murdered boy along the road. While attempting to reach out to the authorities, they inadvertently find themselves in a small town inhabited solely by children. Little do they know, these youngsters are under the dark influence of the sinister young preacher, Isaac Chroner, who orchestrated a chilling plot that led the children to commit the gruesome act of murdering all the adults in the town.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

The boundaries between reality and fantasy blur in disconcerting ways as Wes Craven, Heather Langenkamp, and Robert Englund portray fictionalized versions of themselves.


In a bid to unlock a gateway to a paranormal dimension (aff), the Nazis inadvertently summon a baby demon. Rescued by Allied forces, this demon is named “Hellboy.” Six decades later, Hellboy becomes an agent in the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Alongside Abe Sapien, a psychic merman, and Liz Sherman, a woman with pyrokinesis, Hellboy works to safeguard America from malevolent forces.

From Dusk Till Dawn

On the run from a bank robbery that left several police officers dead, Seth Gecko and Richard are running to the Mexican border. They kidnapped preacher Jacob Fuller and his kids to use the family's RV and hole up in a topless bar. Unfortunately, the bar is also home (aff) base for a gang of vampires.


In a fierce conflict between vampires and their archenemies, the Lycans—ferocious werewolves—a skilled assassin named Selene serves the vampire clan. As the Lycans unexpectedly focus on Michael Corvin, a presumed mortal, Selene finds herself in a battle to protect him from Lucian. Lucian harbors a desire to eradicate the vampire bloodline, and Selene is determined to prevent this ominous outcome.

The Crow

The Crow

On the eve of his wedding, Eric Draven and his fiancée fall victim to a brutal murder. Upon the anniversary of their tragic death, Eric emerges from the grave, adopting the gothic persona of the Crow. With a vengeance, he hunts down the perpetrators behind the heinous crimes.

Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas

In a desert town in California, a short-order cook endowed with clairvoyant abilities crosses paths with a mysterious man connected to ominous and threatening forces.



Frank inadvertently unlocks a portal to hell by opening a mysterious box purchased during his vacation. The Cenobites mercilessly rend Frank's body apart. Later, when a family moves into Frank's former residence, they unintentionally resurrect what remains of Frank, unleashing chaos and terror upon themselves.

As the Halloween season approaches, there's no better way to embrace the thrill of the holiday than by indulging in a cinematic journey through the best movies to watch before Halloween. Whether you're seeking hair-raising scares, lighthearted fun, or eerie mysteries, our list offers diverse options to suit every taste. So, grab your favorite snacks, dim the lights, and let these captivating films transport you to a world where the supernatural and the ordinary collide. Get ready for a cinematic Halloween adventure like no other!

19 thoughts on “The Best Movies To Watch Before Halloween

  1. We watch Nightmare Before Christmas and The Addams Family movies but the scarier ones I’m ok avoiding. My kids love the scary gore fests but I can do without. That said, Night of the Living Dead is still a great movie.

  2. Netflix is watch we watch all the time. We are going to have to watch a few of these but Odd Thomas we have not seen so I will have to check this one out. Thanks for sharing the movie list.

  3. I don’t really like horror movies, which shocks people becUse I love ghost stories and tales about hauntings. However, I love The Addams Family!

  4. This a really great list of movies. Most of these we haven’t watched so thanks for this list. Can’t wait to watch them.

  5. Corpses bride is a classic and should be watched anytime during the year 🙂 is it bad that I haven’t seen Adams family in like over 2 decades?

  6. Some really great ones! I’m going to have to check our Canadian Netflix to see if they are all on it! Would love to check out some Halloween flicks!

  7. I am not sure if we have it here. Our Netflix offers differently from what they offer in the US. I love the Addams Family. Though it has a gothic setting, it sure still makes me laugh.

  8. My family loves Netflix. We have never really watched Halloweeen movies together. It’s time to start new traditions!

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