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The Old Laptop

I know I didn't talk about it much on here, but my old laptop (aff) was not working right before I went to Miami. We ended up buying me a new one, and its good we did! Last week, we had to take it to the computer place to get looked at and the hard drive blew up! Unfortunately, they could not save anything off the old one no matter how much praying we did or how much religious jewelry we wore. I also did not have full backup like I thought I did either. The biggest thing we lost was all of our tax documentation for 2007. For the last week, I have been putting together all of our 2007 stuff together. I am still missing one 1099, so it isn't like I can do our taxes yet anyway.

Anyway, remember to make you sure back everything up. You never know when your hard drive is going to crash and you are stuck like we are.

5 thoughts on “The Old Laptop

  1. how exactly does one back up a hard drive? I don't have many important files saved, but all of my pictures are on my laptop! I would hate to lose them!

  2. I actually use a company called IBackUp.com. The good thing is that it saved a lot of my files (like my pictures). The bad news is that I didn't realize that I hadn't set it up to save some of my other files.

  3. Do you know if IBackUp.com works for Macs? I am trying to find a backup solution for Macs for a friend. I know all the PC ones but need a recommendation on a Mac one. Thanks if you know.

  4. Backup is very important. I can't tell you how many of my customers have lost years of precious photos because they failed to do something so simple. I have never used IBackUp.com, but anything is better than nothing. Carbonite is my personal favorite.

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