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Every so often I get a product to review that everyone wants to know where I got it at. Twirlyz is that latest product. Every time I put these in Madison's hair, she becomes the talk of the party (or wherever we are at!).

Twirlyz are quickly becoming the new “it” accessory of 2012 for girls, tweens, teens, college kids and beyond.  Twirlyz are inspired by the hair styling's of the Caribbean Islands.  They are great way to add a blast of color when coordinating with your latest outfit, favorite team or showing your ultimate school spirit (or celebrating July 4th!).  Twirlyz customized in the WNBA’s NY Liberty team colors are being sold in their arena this season.

Twirlyz are made of a durable clay polymer.  They are waterproof, reusable, non-toxic and proudly made in the USA. Twirlyz are offered in 2 different sizes and available in more than 20 vibrant colors.

The wear and care of this whimsical hair flair is a snap, allowing girls of all ages to wraps their locks in seconds no matter what their hair type.  Twirlyz can be worn together and the ability to mix and match provides for endless possibilities.  Now, there are videos showing you how to use them.  However, they are really super to easy.  I got both Twirlyz in Madison's hair in about one minute.  It was that easy!  There are several different hairstyles you can incorporate them into also.  Madison prefers her hair down, so we did it this way for you.  You can also add whatever charms you want onto the bottoms.  Madison has a daisy and a peace sign on hers.  Now, does this last?  At the end of the night, her hair looked exactly like this!  She has fine hair that has issues holding hair ties (aff) and barrettes.  Twirlyz had no problems in her hair!

Twirlzy is one of those great products on the market that everyone should get.  I can only highly recommend them!  I've also not had a product that so many people asked me about!  Since that's the case, I've arranged for 2 coupon codes you can use if you order some:

lr20%    20% off orders over $20

lr30%    30% off orders over $35

Happy shopping, and I know you'll love these as much as we do!

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