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We are slowly but surely getting our outside projects done. The garage now has been almost completely sanded. I say almost since the side of the garage facing the alley has not been done yet. Since nobody sees that side, I do not really care when that gets done. Since Bill used the power washer that we borrowed, we now have for it to dry, so we can paint. We are going to make a quick trip to Babies R Us to pick up some stuff for the weekend, and then we are going to start painting the fence again. Hopefully, we can get a little farther than I did yesterday.

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  1. Hey … watch your back! Now, for some silly reason, is the best time of year for hearing of crazy stories of how people have thrown out their back.

    I work in a Surgical area of the hospital and I get a chance to talk to some of the unfortunate souls that come from the ER about why they are here and it’s just too much sometimes! The best thing of all is, I just love my job!

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